Spoon of Consciousness Podcast – Interview with YouAligned Founder Ashton August (Video)

As a life coach and spiritual mentor, I believe in spreading consciousness to help others awaken into their full potential. Spoon of Consciousness began as a blog and an outlet for me to share my journey of spiritual awakening. The blog is focused on personal development and living a conscious lifestyle to help others bring their dreams into reality.
Throughout my work, I’ve continued to seek new ways of sharing information and resources with others. So, I took the Spoon of Consciousness blog to the next level by developing a podcast of the same name.

Podcasts are an engaging, potent platform for sharing information and spreading the conscious movement around the globe.

The Spoon of Consciousness podcast started as a way to engage with others in the conscious community about their experiences and pass on their wisdom and teachings. This has led to incredibly valuable conversations with people who are spreading inspirational messages all over the world.

Watch this interview with YouAligned.com founder Ashton August


Meet Ashton August

One of those people is Ashton August – yoga teacher, writer and the founder of YouAligned.com. In this podcast interview, we discuss a wide range of topics all centered around positivity, empowerment, creating the reality you seek, and of course . . . yoga!

Hear All About Yoga From an Industry Leader

We discuss all aspects of yoga from the perspective of a beginner – the health benefits of yoga, the best way for beginners to get into the yogi lifestyle, and how the practice of yoga can help us on and off the mat.
Ashton goes in-depth on how a steady yoga practice has the power to transform you and your life in extraordinary ways. She shares a bit about how yoga helped her in her personal life, and her journey since first discovering her yoga practice.
Learn more about how to approach your own yoga practice, important tips to get started and stay motivated, and much more.

The Ins and Outs of Entrepreneurship

We also speak about entrepreneurship – an important topic for many people, and we get into the spiritual aspect of entrepreneurship – how to manifest your success, and how to activate the Law of Attraction. Ashton highlights important reminders throughout your journey of building your career. She reminds us to have patience and be compassionate towards ourselves during the process.

You have the potential and the power to create the life you want. Step into your power and make it happen!

Being an entrepreneur or trying to manifest anything into your life is difficult, but so worth the challenge. Ashton also shares how to view and deal with our failures – emphasizing the importance of celebrating our successes along the way so that we continue to feel empowered and motivated.

Spirituality and the Final Takeaway

It’s truly empowering to accept that we create the reality we experience. We continue our podcast conversation by exploring this important concept of actively creating the reality we seek. Learn how to approach manifestation and visualization, and use these tools to reach your goals no matter where you currently are in life.
After speaking with Ashton, I came away with a different view of yoga – seeing it more as a therapeutic practice that builds both mental and physical strength and also helps us reclaim our power. This act of reclaiming our power is something that is so important to talk about because there are so many things in life that threaten to diminish or take away this power.
Stand firmly in your vision of what you want to create in your life. Find your purpose and maintain an unwavering commitment to pursuing it and empowering yourself to be the best you can possibly be in all that you do. You have the potential and the power to create the life you want. Step into your power and make it happen!
For more interviews like this one, subscribe to the Spoon of Consciousness podcast. You can follow Ashton on Facebook and Instagram.

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Sachin Sharma

Sachin is a life coach who is passionate about personal development and expansion of consciousness. He bases his coaching and writing off insights that have helped him progress in his journey and is passionate about sharing this wisdom with others.

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