Yoga + Marijuana: An Interview With Ganjasana Founder, Rachael Carlevale

Recently, I was having lunch with a friend who couldn’t stop talking about this workshop she’d attended the day before called Ganjasana, a ceremony of combining cannabis plant medicine with yoga. Of course I wanted to learn more, so I tracked down the founder, Rachael Carlevale, and asked for an interview.

Ganjasana is a ceremony of combining cannabis plant medicine with yoga.

I am happy to report that Rachael accepted! What I learned from speaking with her in this interview blew my mind, and I’m excited to share her incredible wisdom and fascinating perspective on marijuana with you.
After healing herself from cancer, this woman has a deep connection with yoga and plant medicine. Her story is both inspirational and deeply thought-provoking.

What You’ll Learn in This Interview

In this interview, we discuss everything from marijuana as plant medicine, to the ceremony of bridging plant medicine with our yoga and meditation practice, to Rachael’s background and what brought her to creating this incredible movement.

Plants can be extraordinary teachers in our lives, and a great accompaniment to a mindful yoga practice.

Rachael also speaks on how plants can be extraordinary teachers in our lives, and a great accompaniment to a mindful yoga practice. She touches on the ancient of practice of women coming together during their menstrual cycle to use the plant medicine, part of what inspired Rachael to hold ongoing events called “The Green Tent: A Women’s Cannabis Yoga Circle.”
If you have an open mind and are ready to look at marijuana in a completely different light, this interview is for you. Check it out below!

Thank you to Rachael for granting this interview and allowing us to share it on YouAligned.com! For more information, check out Rachael’s website at ganjasana.com. You can follow Ganjasana on Instagram @ganjasana
Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments below – we’d love to keep this conversation going!


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