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    • 10 Life-Changing Uses for Activated Charcoal

      Use activated charcoal as part of your health, wellness and beauty routine. Here are 10 great uses for activated charcoal...

      Krysta ShannonKrysta Shannon | June 22, 2016
    • Chronic Inflammation: What It Is and What You Can Do About It

      Inflammation is the body’s natural response when something bad happens to it. The cells release chemicals to alert the immune system that something’s not right. The immune system then sends its first responders – inflammatory cells – to trap the offending substance or heal the tissue.

      Dutch MartinDutch Martin | June 15, 2016
    • 8 Steps to Transform Your Life with an Elimination Diet

      The foods that you eat each day are not just intended to fuel your body. Have you done an elimination diet? If you suffer from bodily ailments or potential food intolerances, consider an elimination diet. You might be surprised at what you learn about your health.

      Krysta ShannonKrysta Shannon | June 7, 2016
    • Why I Stopped Drinking Coffee and 10 Reasons You Should Too

      We all know that drinking coffee has significant energy-boosting benefits. But do you know what your giving up in return for that energy high?

      Krysta ShannonKrysta Shannon | February 13, 2016
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