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  • These 5 Yoga Poses Will Help Relieve Your Headaches Naturally

    Headaches can stop you from accomplishing simple daily tasks. Try these 5 yoga poses for natural headache relief next time your head is pounding.

    Michelle StangerMichelle Stanger | May 1, 2018
  • Practice These Yoga Poses to Relieve Headaches

    The next time you have a headache, try a few of these yoga poses before turning to the medicine cabinet. You’ll be surprised just how effective this holistic approach to relieving headaches can be.

    Devakar SandhuDevakar Sandhu | August 26, 2016
  • How Holistic Treatments And Yoga Cured My Headaches

    Work, family, and daily life stressors can cause headaches from time to time. We’ve all had these headaches at one point or another but they’re generally easily relieved by a few hours of sleep or a dose of ibuprofen. But what about chronic headaches?

    Krysta ShannonKrysta Shannon | December 11, 2014
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