These Are the Real Heroes (Video)

Would you save a drowning dog in a frozen lake? Would you help a beached dolphin get back in to the water? How about a baby elephant who fell in a hole and can’t get out? I bet you would – at least I hope you would. You would be a hero.
But what about a pig that is stuck in a cage that is too small to move, or a cow that’s being tormented by a man with an electric prod? What about a chicken covered in open wounds being thrown headfirst into a cage packed full with others just like him? Would you save them too? I bet you’d want to.
All too often I see people look at meat as a product that came from the supermarket or the kitchen of a restaurant. They conveniently forget that the burger they are eating, or that delicious chicken sandwich, was once an animal that needed someone’s help. Where were the heroes then?
Tim Shieff is an outspoken YouTube personality who became known for his insane Parkour videos. You can see one here. He now uses his popularity to spread the word about the importance of conscious living and eating a vegan diet. In the video below, Tim discusses why the real heroes are the vegans, and he raises some damn good points. Good on ya’ Tim!
*WARNING – This video contains a graphic scene of a pig being slaughtered at 3:20 – 3:30. Skip over that part if you do not want to see this. However, this is real life and the meat that you put on your plate has more than likely met a similar fate.

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What are your thoughts about this? Let’s have a discussion in the comments below.

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Tyler is the Editorial Director of He is a vegetarian but often dreams of buffalo chicken sandwiches. His dog is smarter than your honor student.

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