Our mission is to empower and inspire our readers and students to achieve the mind-body-life wellness they seek.

About YouAligned:

YogiApproved is now YouAligned! New name, same mission.

YouAligned is a resource to help people truly thrive through mind-body-life wellness. What began with a focus on all things yoga-related – informative articles, tutorials and product reviews (which is how we got our name!) – has evolved into a home to thousands of articles and hundreds of online yoga, fitness, and wellness classes serving a global community.

As we say, “Yoga is our passion. Your wellness is our obsession.” We take wellness, yoga, fitness, spirituality, and healthy living seriously, and we are committed to helping our students and readers find joy and support through all that we offer.

As an online platform with a broad reach, we at YouAligned understand the impact we have and are equally committed to leading with integrity. What does this mean? Integrity in our content: we create accessible content that is educational, inclusive, accurate and empowering. And integrity in our team: we seek out teachers and contributors who share our mission and dedication. is a female founded and led online wellness publication. We pride ourselves in creating top-quality content. Our mission is to provide insightful, inspirational and original articles on a range of topics including:

  • Wellness, healthy lifestyle, and self-care
  • Nutrition, healthy eating, and recipes
  • Mindfulness, spirituality, and meditation
  • Yoga and yoga philosophy
  • Guided yoga, meditation, and fitness tutorials
  • Family, parenting, pre- and post-natal
  • Love, sex, and dating
  • Social justice
  • Environmentalism, travel, and more!

YouAligned was created to be a comprehensive resource to help you live your healthiest, best life. We’ve grown to be a leading trusted resource in the wellness and yoga sphere. In fact, according to Allied Market Research, YouAligned is among the top ten global yoga resources and online yoga platforms!

In 2017, we added YouAligned Classes to the family. Now, YA Classes offers hundreds of online classes and full programs to our members. Ranging from beginner to advanced and beyond, our classes include:

  • Vinyasa and Power Yoga
  • Hatha Yoga
  • Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra
  • Guided Meditation
  • Guided Breathwork
  • Fitness
  • Barre and Pilates
  • Dance and Movement
  • Mindset and Mindfulness
  • Wellness Programs

Plus, every class you complete helps plant a food-producing tree for farming communities in Sub-Saharan Africa. So far, we’ve planted nearly 300,000 trees and counting with our partner Trees for the Future! We think that’s pretty special. Learn more about our tree planting initiative here.

Every time you press play on our classes, you’re doing something good for yourself, for others, and for the planet too. Now that’s motivating!


Thank you for reading about us and being a part of our dream, for supporting our small business, our passionate contributors and teachers who all share their knowledge with you, and for helping us plant hundreds of thousands of food-producing trees.

As a central part of what we do and why we do it, we want to stay connected with y.o.u.! Please feel free to contact us anytime ( and join us on social media @you.aligned and @yaclasses as another way to enjoy our content and connect with our community.

We wouldn’t be able to do this without you, and we are forever grateful.

– Ashton August and the YouAligned family

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Are you an experienced teacher wanting to share your practice with our members? Awesome! We are always looking for new teachers to work with. Learn more about becoming a YA Classes instructor here.


  1. You must have a minimum of 3 years teaching experience with no less than 200/hour training credentials.
  2. You should have a unique teaching style and or specialized offering.
  3. Ability to travel to the United States or close proximity to Berlin Germany. We film in Arizona, California, Colorado, Berlin and Virginia. If you are close to these areas it is prefered.
  4. You should have experience, and be comfortable teaching on camera.

We are an equal opportunity company. If you or someone you know meets the above criteria please reach out. We would love the opportunity to work with you. Let’s work together to bring more diversity to the yoga and wellness community.


Send us an email to with the subject: “I’d like to be a YA Classes instructor”

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