Energy Vampires – What They Are and How to Avoid Them

The only resource more precious than time is energy. If you can successfully manage it – replenish it when you’re running low and allocate it wisely – you can reach any height you set your sights on.

If you can’t successfully manage it, then that means your energy is being drained instead of protected and recharged.

One of the most important facets of energy management is maintenance. It’s key. To maintain our reserves, it’s important to recognize and steer clear of energy vampires.

To ward off this particular evil, we must remain vigilant. But like all pests, it’s best to avoid having them than to figure out how to get rid of them.

So without further ado, here’s your handy guide on energy vampires and how to avoid them.

What’s an Energy Vampire?

You probably have a pretty good idea. If a certain someone’s face flashed in your mind when you read that question, you’re not alone. A good many people, are well aware of who is stealing their life force, their quiet moments, any slice of attention that’s not already allotted.

But for those who don’t, a brief explanation: Like a sinister figure in the night, energy vampires lurk in the most unlikely places waiting to sap you of the energy it takes to deal with them, depleting you until the next time you meet and the whole thing repeats.

The only resource more precious than time is energy.

They may be loved ones, friends, electronic devices, coworkers, or your boss. Whoever they are, they would drain every last bit of your energy if given the chance.

Whether it’s because their negativity is a black hole that sucks all of your good energy into their “negativational pull” or they see the victim in every situation, beware. If you’re more sensitive than most, go further. Be on alert.

If we can learn to recognize energy vampires, we can protect ourselves so we don’t give away more than we can afford. Know the types. Start learning right now.


These Are the 2 Types of Energy Vampires:

There are both human and non-human energy vampires out there.
Human energy vampires are frequently:

  • Argumentative
  • Always in crisis
  • Unreasonably prone to see themselves as a victim (bad shit does happen, so check that it’s actually unreasonable)
  • Passive-aggressive
  • “On-stage” and looking for an audience (super-extroverts, this might be you)
  • Putting others down to feel better about themselves

Non-human energy vampires are frequently:

  • In your hand as you scroll
  • Taking time away from things you’d rather be doing
  • High-maintenance “time-savers” (if you spend most of your productive hours maintaining productivity apps instead of meeting project milestones, for instance)


Here Are 4 Ways to Avoid Energy Vampires

Whether they’re human or not, there are things you can do to avoid the energy vampire trap.

1. Maintain Healthy Boundaries

Just like the more well-known variety of vampires, if you don’t invite them in, they have to keep their distance. Sooner or later they’ll get the message and move on. It’s important that you’re consistent about your boundaries to speed up this process.


2. Say “No”

This will come easier to some. Stop trying to make other people happy at the expense of your own happiness. You’re not being mean or inconsiderate. You’re being kind enough to give them the gift of learning to take care of themselves, while you show love to yourself by considering your own wellbeing.

You can’t fix them or their problems. Only they can and there’s a chance at least some of them don’t really want to or are not ready to . . . at least not yet.

Really learn to say no! Here’s How to Exercise Your NO Muscle and Set Healthy Boundaries (Video)

3. Attend to Your Own Happiness

In that same vein, the more holistically satisfied you are with your own life, the less susceptible you’ll be to unreasonable demands or imbalanced people’s wants and desires.

4. Unplug

For the non-human variety, unplug sometimes. Full stop.

There’s No Need to Fear Energy Vampires

Each of us has the power to create an environment that supports our happiness. Not attracting energy vampires goes a long way toward that.

Use these tips to keep things clear and the energy flowing.

And if you encounter some energy vampires along your way, put the wooden stakes away and put yourself first – with intention and respect, of course.

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