10 Funny Thoughts Your Mom Has About Your Yoga Obsession

You know yoga is amazing, and you spend much of your time trying to convince others to go to the “light side.” If you’re one of the fortunate individuals who has convinced your mother to try yoga, then your work is done here.
However, most of us receive the casual side eye from mom for even suggesting it. If you can identify with the latter, the reactions to the following 10 thoughts your mom has about your yoga practice might be all-too familiar (and hopefully funny).
Share with your mom for a good laugh and then subtly slip her that free week of yoga classes you got her for Mother’s Day . . .

Here are 10 funny thoughts your mom has about your obsession with yoga:


1. When you tell her how amazing yoga class was, and she’s hardly impressed


She was in labor with you for 16 hours and you were able to touch your toes in a 102-degree room? That’s nice.

2. When she doesn’t get what you mean when you say a pose is “delicious”


Have her try Supta Baddha Konasana with a bolster, and she’ll understand all the secrets to the universe.

3. When you suggest she tries yoga because you know she’d love it


She’s a liiiittle skeptical about the idea of being in a room with such close proximity to people, but with some encouragement, she might warm up. Maybe share these benefits with her to get her a nudge of inspiration?

4. When someone cuts her off in traffic and you calmly advise her not to freak out because “the anger doesn’t serve you”


Did you get switched at birth? You know road rage runs in the family.


5. When she thinks it’s just another workout fad


Not the point mother dearest! While yoga can serve as an excellent addition to your fitness regimen, it’s SO much more than breaking a sweat. In fact, some types of yoga aren’t even intended to be a workout, such as Kundalini or Yin.

6. When you try to explain what Lion’s Breath is


Although it might look and feel silly at first, she will feel like a fearless, winged lioness.

7. When you catch her low-key trying to YouTube yoga flows


I see you, looking for that perfect flow.

8. When she doesn’t get your obsession with yoga pants (at first):\


“You spend how much money on Uber eats and yoga pants . . . ?” – Mom

9. But when she caves and actually gets a pair . . .


With this newfound mobility, she is truly unstoppable.

10. When she returns from her first yoga class


She emerges as a new, balanced, all-knowing being.
Although your mom may not always understand what you’re into and why, you know she’ll always be your #1 fan . . . even when you do lion’s breath in hot yoga. After all, she brought you into this world so you could enjoy the simple pleasures of life and that surely includes yoga.
Happy Mother’s Day!

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Writer and editor for YouAligned, Melody Beuzelin is also a 300-hour RYT and certified personal trainer. When she's not diving into YouAligned articles, she’s determined to become a citizen of the world and disrupt the concept of "business as usual."

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