21 Things About Mindfulness I Wish I Knew As a Kid

Navigating through our lives is part intention, part choice and consequence, and some blind happenstance. Life lessons are a huge part of the learning experience that shapes our perception, personality, and reality.
Call it fate, call it the universal plan, call it luck or lack thereof – our lives are dynamic, complicated webs of cause and effect and most of us believe we are just along for the ride. But it’s when we can become acutely aware of our experiences, interactions, and the wisdom we can gain from them that we in turn offer as valuable life advice to others.
One way we can really grab control of our lives is with mindfulness. It’s said that thoughts become things – our outlook, and our mind state have a huge impact on the choices we make, the relationships we cultivate and the lives we manifest.
Sure, we can’t control all the random chaos, but everything else can certainly be controlled – or at least perceived and processed in a healthy and empowered way – through the lens of mindful and conscious awareness.
Wouldn’t that have been nice to know as a kid?! For most of us anyway, it would’ve saved us a lot of time, energy, and needless emotion growing up. Life lessons can teach us a lot about mindfulness and also remind us what’s important and what’s not worth our energy . . .

Ready For Some Life Advice? Here Are 21 Life Lessons About Mindfulness I Wish I Knew As a Kid:

1. 90% of your worries are wrong
2. We can’t always control our circumstances, but we can control how we choose to respond to them
3. The belief that happiness comes from getting what we want is false
4. Pain is unavoidable; suffering is optional
5. We live in a sea of uncertainty — but we already know how to swim
6. What we do is not as important as how we do it
7. Most of what we fear is imaginary
8. Caring, planning, and worrying are three different things
9. Complaining and blaming are not skillful — but taking a stand is
10. Use your mistakes to your advantage
11. Doing nothing is highly underrated
12. Actions matter — a lot — but they always start with intention
13. Anchor your life to what you value
14. Determination and discipline lead to freedom
15. Failure simply means you are trying new things
16. Compassion can change everything
17. Want what you have — not what you don’t have
18. Loving kindness is the ultimate reset button
19. Living happily takes practice
20. Your body is your pathway to the present — and your vehicle to your future
21. Your happiness is in your hands

Life Lessons Are What Create the Beautiful Foundation of Our Evolution

Around every corner, there’s an experience, interaction, or circumstance just waiting to paint another layer into our reality and perception of the world and our place in it. Use your life lessons and turn it into life advice to help others – whether that’s your kids, your friends and loved ones, and of course – yourself!
John Allcock is the Co-Founder and Director of Mindfulness at Sea Change Preparatory, a trailblazing academy that regularly integrates the practice of mindfulness into it’s curriculum.
His new book, FORTY THINGS I WISH I’D TOLD MY KIDS, shows adults and children alike how to use mindfulness to become more compassionate, resilient, and confident.

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