Want to Start Your Own Yoga Blog? Learn How With These 6 Easy Tips

Whether you’re a yoga teacher or a yoga student, you’ve fallen in love with this ancient practice. You want to share your passion with the world and you’ve found yourself wondering, “How can I start my own yoga blog?” Read on, friends! Here’s everything you need to know before you click “Publish.”
The goal of an excellent yoga blog is to both inform your readers and inspire them. Ask yourself, “How can I get my readers more involved with yoga?” This question will drive everything you do, from setting up your blog to bringing in new readers every week.
You’ve got the passion, motivation and drive to succeed, and now you’re ready to share your yoga story with the world. It’s time to start your own yoga blog!

Here are 6 Tips to Help You Start a Yoga Blog

This guide has all the information you need to set up your blog and create informative content that will engage your readers so you can share your passion.

1. Set Up Your Site

First, decide on the name of your yoga blog. It could be anything you like – a play on words, your name, anything! Whatever you choose, be sure to keep it short and sweet so people can easily search and remember it.

“Be aware that people will judge your blog before even reading it, based on the name.” – Chris Mettler

You’ll have two “hosts” for your yoga blog – your domain (URL) host and your platform host. Sites like WordPress, SquareSpace, and Wix, do both! Or you can buy your domain on sites like Bluehost or Hostgator, and link it to your platform of choice.
To choose a platform, decide if you need free options or if you’re willing to pay a monthly subscription. Find a platform and a package that works best for your vision.

2. Customize Your Yoga Blog

Search through templates on your preferred platform, and choose the one that speaks to you. Most platforms even have a whole section of fitness-related themes! The options for these templates range from a few to millions of templates. Some are free, and some are at cost, but it’s all about finding one that suits you.
Choose an attractive, clean template that speaks to your demographic. Do you want to speak to young women, the LGBTQ+ community, men over 30, everybody? Incorporate this idea into the way your blog looks and feels.
Remember this template can be changed at any time, and it’s not a permanent decision. Don’t stress if you want to save money and stick with a free template for now.

3. Design Your Yoga Blog Template

Each platform offers you the ability to customize the template you chose, so go wild! It’s time to tinker around and decide what you want your yoga blog to look like.
Make sure you have a simple navigation toolbar (the links at the top of the page) to easily access all the amazing content on your blog. Choose a simple, clear homepage where all your blog posts will live. For inspiration, take a look at some other yoga blogs.



4. Strategize Your Blog Content

Before you write your content (we know you’re itchin!), you’ll setup your homepage, about, and contact information first. If you want to have a photo gallery on your yoga blog, now is the time to upload your photos.
Now your yoga blog is ready to launch to the public, and it’s finally time to start writing content! You get true creative freedom as you write your blog posts. Maybe you write up workouts, post transformation updates, or simply cover topics that you’ve always wanted to cover. It’s completely up to you!

5. Polish Your Writing

Write first drafts of your blog content before you publish it. This allows you to edit and perfect your content, so it’s ready for your readers. This can be a time-consuming process, but it’s a vital part of being a successful blogger.
Ensure your spelling is correct, your sentence structure is spot on, and the overall readability level of your content is high. Edit it twice, maybe even three times, before you upload. The more you perfect your work, the easier it will be in the future.
To guarantee your content is as polished as possible, here’s a list of online tools to help:

  • Via Writing – Guidelines on how to improve your grammar skills
  • Essayroo – Improve your writing skills in the long-term
  • State of Writing – Guidelines for sentence structure or formatting
  • UkWritings – Edit your work for high levels of readability
  • Easy Word Counter – Track your word count in real time
  • BoomEssays – Have your blog posts proofread by a professional writer
  • Cite It In – Ensure quotes and citations look as professional as possible


6. Spread the Word!

Upload five to ten blog posts before you advertise your blog, so people have content to read when they get there. Then tell your friends, your mom, make posts on your social media pages, and, if you want, advertise with paid advertising campaigns on Facebook.
You can create social media profiles dedicated to your blog where you advertise your latest posts. This will help you to build readership and increase your online presence.
Do your research about SEO, and know what keywords you want to rank for as you write each post. Use Google Analytics to find the words, or phrases, that people search and include them in your blog posts.
You can also build an email mailing list. This is an opportunity to send an out a weekly email newsletter to your readers and promote your blog. You can also use paid promotions on your blog and social media accounts to turn your passion into a career!

A Final Thought Before You Start Your Yoga Blog

Any new project may seem like an overwhelming challenge, and a yoga blog is no exception. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Honestly, it’s easier than ever to set up your own yoga blog with all the options available today. This allows you to write about your passion and live the life that you want to live!
Good luck and happy writing!

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