5 Yoga Clothing Brands You Need to Know About

Here are 5 yoga yoga clothing brands you need to know about. Watch out Lululemon, these companies are on to you.

Liquido Active

Liquido Active is based out of Brazil and known for their quality manufacturing, low carbon footprint, and super cute yoga clothing designs. If you’re looking for some unique leggings that you can wear everywhere Liquido is a great place to start. LiquidoActive.com

liquido yoga clothing


Montiel Activewear

Say hello to your new favorite sports bra. Montiel is an activewear brand that holds quality above everything else. They have a full line of cute, very well made yoga clothing but their sports bras stand out from the rest. Montiel knows boobs and we love them for it. Montiel.com

montiel yoga clothing



Omshanti Clothing

We first found Omshanti on Instagram @omshanitclothing. They have a really unique line of super cute yoga pants and shorts. OmShantiClothing.com

Om Shanti


Daughters of Culture 

Design, design, design. This is your one stop shop for the most comfortable high-end fashion around. Their line is unique in design and completely wearable for your everyday life. Absolutely gorgeous in and out of the yoga studio. DaughtersOfCulture.com

Daughters of culture


Love Surf

Love Surf is coming out with some really awesome stuff lately. The leggings shown below are beyond amazing (unfortunately, they seem to always be sold out so be sure to get on their mailing list or check back often). They have a strong line of active wear and yoga clothing but they also have a really cute line of swimwear! LoveSurf.com



Are there any yoga clothing brands that you absolutely love? Please share them with us in the comments below. 🙂 

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