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15 Reasons Why You Should Date a Girl Who Loves Yoga

We all have different standards of dating: particular “types” of people we’re attracted to, deal-breakers, and must-haves… But what if there was an easier way to classify your future potential lovers? What if the simple answer was to date a girl who loves yoga?

If you’re reading this article, you may already be privy to the amazing byproducts of yoga. But have you ever stopped to tally the reasons why dating a yoga girl is so ideal? We’ll start with the obvious…


Here Are 15 Undeniable Reasons You Should Date a Girl Who Loves Yoga:


1. Yoga Body!

Yoga butt, yoga arms, strength and flexibility. Yoga girls are hot!

2. Confidence

A girl who does yoga looks and feels great. She’s glowing from head to toe, and that confidence is contagious. Confidence looks good on anyone and everyone. 🙂

3. Strength

Want a girl who can hold her own at the gym? Want to see a girl outlast you in plank pose? Calling all yoga girls! They’re up for the challenge.

4. Flexibility

Physical flexibility is obvious, but this goes for the mental aspect as well. Yoga teaches us to let go of the things that do not matter and focus instead on what does. Yoga chicks go with the flow—we are laid back and lovin’ life!

5. Drive

Yoga chicks have a natural drive to succeed. They have learned that they can do anything they set their minds to.

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6. Wanderlust

Girls who do yoga are adventurous! They constantly seek new experiences and aren’t afraid to try new things. Just try to keep up…

7. Open-Minded

Yoga girls have learned to release the need to judge or criticize, both themselves and others. There’s nothing more refreshing than this!

8. Health

Being healthy is in! A girl who does yoga has a stronger immune system and is committed to living a healthy lifestyle. That means more time for fun together!


9. Balance

Seeking a girl with a grip on her emotions? A yoga chick’s got this on lock! Not only can she balance the day away in Dancer Pose or Standing Splits— she knows how to balance her emotions and mind state just as easily.

10. Grounded

You want a girl that can keep her cool. Yoga brings a sense of being grounded and rooted in peace. This peace spills over into all the other areas of her life.

11. Spontaneity

Here’s a girl who knows how to live on the edge! She’d rather skip the schedule in exchange for excitement and living in the moment. Yoga girls are never boring.

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12. Music

I guarantee this yoga chick has a bangin’ playlist for any occasion. Track trading with your yoga girl, it’s a new love language. Enjoy the new tunes!

13. Positive Influence

Yoga inspires positivity. It releases endorphins into the body, so it’s safe to say she’s a happy camper.

14. Love

Yoga girls have crazy love for themselves and others. That’s why they’re so committed to their yoga practice, to living a healthy lifestyle and spreading positive energy amongst the people around them! They’ve got a lot of love to give.


This leads to the final reason: Passion. Yoga girls are passionate. They live life passionately, and approach their relationships the same way. Living life passionately means they pour their hearts into everything they do.

Wouldn’t you like to be a part of that?

Date a Girl Who Loves Yoga, You Will Thank Us

There you have it. An insider scoop on why dating a yoga chick is such a great idea.

Are you a yogi or yogini and have a reason that didn’t make the cut? This list is not exhaustive! Please add your favorite reasons in the comments below. We love hearing from you 🙂

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Ashton August

Ashton is the founder and Content Director of and YA Classes (we plant a food-producing tree for every class a member completes!). As a motivational author and speaker, distinguished yoga instructor and wellness entrepreneur, she believes that cultivating empowering self-talk and a healthy mindset opens the door to living an abundantly fulfilling life! Ashton lives in sunny Tucson, Arizona with her husband and their two rescue dogs.

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