Ashtanga Primary Standing Series (Free Yoga Class)

Interested in dipping your toes into the Ashtanga Yoga practice?

This video is a great place to start! Join YouAligned teacher Lara Ederer in this 22-minute Ashtanga Standing Series-based practice.

Lara guides you through a short and sweet beginner Ashtanga Standing Series focusing on the essential components of the standing practice.

This approachable class is geared towards helping you get acquainted with the Ashtanga poses and key nuances of this discipline.


A Quick Overview of the Ashtanga Primary Series

There are six different series in the Ashtanga Yoga discipline: Primary, Intermediate, and the four Advanced series. Each series builds upon the last and progresses to more difficult poses.

The Ashtanga Primary Series consists of the same poses you typically see in most typical Vinyasa flow classes. The difference is that you will do these poses in the same set sequence each time as a way to strengthen and detoxify the body and also cultivate a deeper sense of focus for the mind.


Start Your Introduction to Ashtanga With This Ashtanga Standing Series Class

You will work with the breath, the bandhas, and drishti (or point of focus) to build balance, coordination and strength.

This class is a short and sweet introduction to the Primary Standing Series, so note that the poses won’t be held for the full count and flows won’t be repeated for the traditional amount of times.

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Interested in learning more about the bandhas and how these energetic locks enhance your yoga practice? Read The Bandhas: Learn the Technique and Transform Your Yoga Practice

This yoga class provides a foundational understanding of the Ashtanga Primary Series practice. All you need for this class is a yoga mat and yoga block (optional).

Have any questions about this practice? Ask us in the comments below – we love hearing from you!

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