Bad Day? These 3 TED Talks Will Boost Your Morale

It is very easy to become complacent in our lives and never question if there is a better way of thinking and living. Yet questioning, evaluating, and ultimately awakening our thoughts and perspectives could be the door to the happier, more fulfilling life that we have been searching for.
Inviting new patterns of thought, creating deeper intentions and keeping an open mind can bring opportunities and inspiration to living a happier life. If you combat your life’s complacency by continuously seeking new motivation and different perspectives, you will find the tools and drive to change your life for the better.
TED Talks have become an amazing platform for influential speakers from around the world to share powerful, fresh, and transformational ideas. TED Talks can change your perspective, help you find inspiration, and empower you to change your thinking so you can create the life that you seek.

Here are 3 inspirational TED Talks that will shift your perspective, boost your confidence, and empower you to live your life to the fullest:


1. “Living Beyond Limits” with Amy Purdy

Life can throw impossible challenges your way. But what if you realized that the perceived limits don’t exist, and that you are the creator of your own reality?
Amy Purdy did, and she discovered she had the power not only to conquer what some would have seen as the ultimate barrier (losing both legs), but to turn what had once been a weakness into the driving force of her life.



2. “The Art of Asking” with Amanda Palmer

Are you one of the many people that think asking for help is a sign of weakness or overstepping boundaries? Amanda Palmer doesn’t, she believes in the power – or “art – of asking.
Join Palmer on her insightful and fun journey of asking. You will be as surprised as she was when she receives much more than she could’ve ever imagined . . . just by asking. This TED Talk will help you find the confidence you need to do the same. Are you ready?


3. “My Year of Saying Yes to Everything” with Shonda Rhimes

You’ve heard the key to maintaining good mental health is to learn how to say “no.” But when was the last time someone told you to say “yes” instead? That is precisely what Shonda Rhimes did, and the impact it had on her life changed everything.
Rhimes uses the power of “yes” to rediscover her passion and love for her work, and a deeper connection to her family. Learn how to approach saying yes in a way that helps you move past fear and find your full potential.

Continuing to learn more about ourselves and how we can better ourselves by the thoughts, actions, and decisions we make is something we should strive for daily. If ever you lack the inspiration or motivation, turn to these TED Talks to help you gain a fresh perspective and get motivated to live your life to the fullest.

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JoAnn DeLeau

JoAnn is a new yogi and a beginning freelance writer from Salt Lake City, Utah. She enjoys long mountain hikes in the summer and curling up on the couch with a Jane Austen novel and moscato.

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