Break Up With Your Store-Bought Shampoo and Try This DIY 2-Ingredient Recipe Instead

Some of us tend to think it’s normal for our hair to fall out in large quantities, get greasy after two days, or have zero volume without adding store-bought product.

But this is not the case! Turns out, commercial hair products are packed with tons of unhealthy ingredients that sometimes do more harm than good.

The truth is, we don’t need a spray for glow, for volume, for brushing, etc.

There is an alternative – you can create your own homemade shampoo made with all-natural ingredients. It’s easy, better for the environment (since you won’t be tossing out plastic bottles!) and your hair will ultimately thank you.

Read on to learn why you should break up with store-bought shampoo and how to make your own DIY shampoo with a 2-ingredient recipe!

First Off, What’s Wrong With Commercial Shampoos?

The truth is, we don’t need a spray for glow, for volume, for brushing, etc. That’s simply companies trying to convince us that our hair sucks so we can buy more of their products.

As long as we avoid the ingredients in shampoos that create the damage, we won’t need to repair the damage.

Simple, isn’t it?

If you look at the back of your shampoo bottle, you’ll find the list of ingredients. Here, you will see ingredients such as parabens, sulfates, fragrances, and alcohols. These are the substances that cause all the unwanted effects, and many make the Dirty Dozen list. Check out the back of your shampoo bottle and see how many ingredients make the list too.

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The Worst Shampoo Ingredients Explained

1. Parabens:
Parabens are used to prolong the shelf life of your shampoo and prevent the growth of bacteria. However, they penetrate through your skin and may disrupt your hormones, which may lead to reproductive issues or even cancer.

2. Sulfates:
The ‘sodium laureth’ and ‘sodium lauryl’ are the ‘bad guy’ sulfates who make you wash your hair every second day. They are detergents that are usually synthesized from nonrenewable petroleum sources or salts.

Go all-natural and Use This Not That: Natural Alternatives to Your Bath Products

Sulfates remove the dirt from your hair and give your shampoo that foamy lather. However, they are too aggressive and can irritate sensitive scalps, or cause frizziness.

3. Alcohols
Yes, there’s actually alcohol in your shampoo! Its task is to help get rid of oils. But eventually, it leaves your hair too dry because it takes away the natural moisture. This is why you need to use a conditioner afterward.

DIY Homemade Shampoos Provide the Benefits Without the Harmful Chemicals

Once we start using only natural products without all the nasty chemicals included, the hair will improve itself. It will stop falling, getting greasy, and finally develop that beautiful volume naturally.

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In addition to avoiding harmful chemicals and naturally improving the quality of your hair, you will also save money by switching to natural DIY homemade shampoo. Still, you might be wondering if it’s difficult and time-consuming to make shampoo yourself?

Absolutely not! There are many DIY shampoo recipes, but you can make my personal favorite by combining two simple ingredients: Bentonite clay and water.

Bentonite Clay: My Favorite Ingredient for DIY Shampoo

Bentonite clay works almost like magic. It’s a mudlike powder derived from volcanic ash commonly used by the Aztecs in South America.

Bentonite clay is charged with negative ions, so when combined with water and applied on skin or hair, it draws out toxins and all the impurities which are positively charged.

In short, it detoxes the hair, gets rid of excess oils, dandruff (because it kills the fungus on your scalp), moisturizes, enhances shine, and promotes hair growth by unclogging the hair follicles.

As long as we avoid the ingredients in shampoos that create the damage, we won’t need to repair the damage.

It contains minerals like potassium, sodium, and calcium. Bentonite kills bacteria and fungus from the scalp and hair. And best of all, one package of bentonite clay will last up to 6 months of regular use.

Easy Bentonite Clay DIY Shampoo Recipe

After trying tons of DIY shampoos this is the easiest and the most effective one. The shampoo is already perfect like this by itself but if you want to make it a masterpiece you can add in apple cider vinegar or a tiny bit of your choice of oil (I recommend coconut oil).

For this recipe, you’ll need: a non-metal bowl and non-metal spoon. Metal can create a chemical reaction with bentonite clay that reduces most of its healing properties. Other materials work fine – a glass bowl is recommended.

Ingredients for Bentonite DIY Shampoo Recipe:


Preparation and How to Use

Combine all the ingredients in a non-metal bowl and mix until it forms a paste. These measurements are made exactly for one-time use. You can also double or triple the ingredients and store the extra in a glass jar.

When you’re ready, massage your DIY shampoo thoroughly into your wet hair. Let it sit for 3-5 minutes, then wash out.

See Results Almost Right Away with Homemade Shampoo

Once I switched to natural shampoo, my hair improved in a matter of 3 weeks. I noticed that less hair fell out and my scalp wasn’t as greasy.

Since this bentonite clay DIY shampoo is not as aggressive as the chemical shampoos, it helps maintain your scalp’s natural oils (because if you don’t strip off your natural oils with the harsh chemicals found in store-bought shampoos, your skin won’t have to produce them excessively).

Thanks to this, you won’t have to wash your hair every day or every other day – you may only need to wash it once or twice a week! You’ll get your hair healthy and pretty, you’ll save money, and be more eco-friendly too.

All included information is not intended to treat or diagnose. The views expressed are those of the author and should be attributed solely to the author. For medical questions, please consult your healthcare provider.

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