Get a Sun-Kissed Glow With This Budget-Friendly, 3-Ingredient DIY Bronzer Recipe

For those who crave that beachy summer glow, you will love this three-ingredient DIY bronzer recipe.

A common assumption with DIY beauty products is that they are very complicated to make and/or require spending a small fortune on all the fancy powders, oils, or extracts.

Good news! For this recipe, you’ll only need simple and easy-to-get stuff.

And the best part is, this recipe uses only natural ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen (or online or at your local grocery store).

This DIY bronzer helps nourish your skin, save you money, be kind to Mother Earth, and also avoid harmful ingredients that aren’t good for you or the planet. Because who has the time to research everything that comes in commercial store-bought bronzers anyway?!

Here Are 3 Toxic Reasons Why You Want to Be Using All-Natural DIY Bronzer:

Before we jump into our DIY recipe, let’s see what’s wrong with most commercial bronzers in the first place.

Commercial bronzers, makeups, and other store-bought cosmetics often contain toxic ingredients or even microplastic particles that are harmful to our health and the marine wildlife. That’s why it’s important to look for products that are natural. Bonus points for beauty products that are organic, vegan, and cruelty-free!

Ditch the Dirty Dozen! Beware of These 12 Toxic Chemicals Lurking in Your Beauty Products

1. Preservatives

The nasty number one that you’ll often find in bronzer and foundation powders are preservatives. These little guys are meant to prolong the shelf life of the product.

However, they not only disrupt our normal hormonal function but also those of marine animals. Preservatives are endocrine disruptors interfering with species’ abilities to reproduce, and because of this, they’re slowly killing marine wildlife.


2. Fragrances

The nasty number two are fragrances, AKA artificial perfumes and scents. As fragrances are considered the “trade secrets,” manufacturers aren’t required to list the fragrance ingredients on product labels. Yet, often listed only under this one word hides more than 100 toxins!

Most common are phthalates, which are chemicals that help perfumes last longer. Phthalates cause problems such as cancer, human reproductive and developmental toxicity, endocrine disruption, birth defects, and respiratory problems.

3. Microbeads

The nasty number three are microbeads – the microplastic particles little by size but massive as pollutants for our oceans. These come in many makeups, facial scrubs, bronzers, sunscreens, and toothpastes. But how can a tiny piece of plastic in our bronzer pollute the oceans?

Well, first, when we put it on our faces, it won’t get absorbed by our skin (which is good but not beneficial either). Next, once we clean our faces, it goes down the sink and through the waterways, which eventually ends up in the oceans.

There it either sits at the bottom of the sea (forever!) or it gets eaten by marine animals. And in the same way as preservatives, it causes them many health problems or even death.

And this is not all. Here are 10 Common Ingredients in Your Skincare Products That Will SHOCK You

Instead, Use These 3 All-Natural Ingredients for Your DIY Bronzer:

Of course, not all bronzer brands contain all of these nasties but it’s better and more fun to avoid the commercial store-bought products whenever we can.

Why use products that are risky to our health and the earth if we can create ones that are healing to us and harmless to the environment?

So, instead, make your own DIY bronzer with these simple but rich ingredients:

1. Organic Cornstarch (The Secret to Smooth Skin)

Cornstarch works as a great base in this DIY bronzer recipe. Its white color makes it perfect to mix with anything and achieve your desired color shade. You’ll also love its ability to remove excess oil from your skin to keep it cool and dry.

And that’s not all! Cornstarch soothes the skin from any irritations like sunburn, eczema, or skin allergies with no known side effects or health risks. Though if your skin is already dry, make sure to use some organic oils for the bottom layer to avoid skin dehydration.

Get a CLEAN and organic cornstarch. Many of the non-organic ones come packed with strange toxins that we can barely read and GMOs, and might possibly cause the opposite of the desired effect. For this reason, choose organic if you can.

In case you’re allergic to corn, you can always substitute it with bentonite clay or other bright clays.

2. Nutmeg Powder (The Spicy Warrior Against Acne)

Did you know that this yummy spice has more uses than just an extra flavor when we bake cookies?

Nutmeg powder, thanks to its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, helps prevent acne, tightens pores, reduces oiliness, exfoliates skin, and boosts skin hydration. Just pure magic!

3. Cinnamon (For the Beachy, Sandy Look)

Cinnamon is what gives the sandy shade to this DIY bronzer. As long as you’re not allergic to this spice, it’s actually beneficial to your health and your pretty skin.

It contains all the sexy antioxidants, anti-fungal, and antibacterial properties that (again) fight acne, moisturize, and enhance skin complexion.


Here Is Your All-Natural DIY Bronzer Recipe:

By now, hopefully, you’re all excited to start creating your very own natural DIY bronzer!

Here’s What You’ll Need:


*If you are allergic to any of these ingredients, you can substitute cornstarch with organic bentonite clay, and the spices with cacoa powder and turmeric powder (but be very careful with the amounts).


Mix all the ingredients thoroughly in a little bowl and apply on your skin with the makeup brush.

You can play with the amount of spices and adjust it to your desired skin color tone.

Also, if your skin is a bit dryer, make sure to hydrate first with an organic oil or natural face cream. This will help your bronzer stick to your skin better and will keep it hydrated for the whole day.

After that, voila, your bronzer is born!

Enjoy Your Summer Glow With Your All-Natural DIY Bronzer

Now you can enjoy your summer glow, feel confident, and proudly wear your own self-made product. All of this without harming your health or the environment.

Happy DIY bronzer making!

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