5 No-BS Healthy Protein Bars You Need In Your Yoga Bag

Protein bars are little lifesavers packed in a tiny, healthy and nutritional treat. These easy, on-the-go nutrition bars keep you fueled while you squeeze work, yoga sessions and a social life into your busy schedule.

It’s important to know which protein and nutrition bars are actually healthy and which bars you should leave in the grocery aisle. In other words, you should totally judge a bar by its cover – or ingredient list, to be exact.

Many nutrition or protein bars are filled with ingredients that seem healthy. With the right branding and misleading marketing, any quick snack can trick you into thinking it’s good for you.

The truth is, many “nutrition bars” often contain a ton of added sugar and low-quality extras that will have you crashing within hours.

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So how can you tell which protein bars are a good choice? Look at that ingredient label! Look for things like low sugar content, natural ingredients you can read and pronounce (and are ideally organic) and plenty of protein and fiber per serving).

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These healthy, quality ingredients in nutrition bars will keep you going throughout the day, make you feel revived, energized, and ready to take on your schedule – and maybe even fit in an extra yoga class or gym sesh.


Here Are 5 Healthy Protein Bars You Can Feel Good About Eating:


1. RX Bar

The popular RX Bar is a simple, what-you-see-is-what-you-get bar with a minimal list of ingredients. There are no secrets, either. The ingredients consist of egg whites, almonds, cashews and dates – all are listed directly on the front of the package.

Worried about the sugar content? Don’t sweat it! It’s all-natural, coming directly from the dates, and it will keep your energy levels high all day long. Major bonus: these healthy nutrition bars taste like a sweet treat and have a variety of yummy, unique flavors.



2. GoMacro Bar

The GoMacro Bar is the perfect high-protein bar post-workout or to tide you over until your next meal, especially if you’re looking for delicious gluten-free options.

The all-natural ingredient list is organic, soy-free and vegan, plus it features sweet flavors like Apple Cinnamon and Blueberry + Cashew Butter.


3. Kind Bar

With all-natural ingredients like nuts and dried fruits, Kind Bar deserves its nutrition bar fame. These healthy nutrition bars taste delicious and help power you through your yoga session or fuel you up after you leave the mat with protein, high fiber, and nourishing ingredients like nuts, spices and honey.

They may be a bar with higher fat content, but don’t let that fool you – it’s an important factor for your body’s best performance. Warning: the dark chocolate nuts and sea salt flavor is highly addicting!


4. Kalumi Marine Collagen Protein Bars

Kalumi Marine Collagen Protein Bars give you a radiant glow and naturally fuel your body. These gluten-free, collagen-filled protein bars have fun flavors and are infused with both protein and natural collagen which helps you maintain healthy hair, skin and nails.

Each bar has 12 grams, or a full serving, of marine collagen. Plus, they contain amino acids which helps reduce the signs of aging. Cheeky Chai is our favorite flavor of these healthy nutrition bars.


5. Sakara Life Energy Bars

Want a boost of caffeine without the mid-afternoon coffee run? This plant-based bar gives you a natural boost of energy with ingredients like Vitamin B12 that increase energy and alertness.

With hemp protein to keep you perfectly full throughout the day and dark cacao for a guilt-free indulgence, Sakara Life Energy Bars are a great choice to keep in your yoga bag.


There You Have It – 5 Nutrition Bars You’ll Love

With these five healthy nutrition bars to have in your yoga bag (no matter how busy your schedule is) you can easily stay nourished before, during and after your next workout and throughout your day.

From skin-nourishing collagen to energy-boosting Vitamin B12, every nutrition bar on this list offers more than your average ingredient list.

Eating balanced meals is still an important part of living a healthy lifestyle, but you can rest assured that you’re making good choices with the best protein and fiber-packed nutrition bars you can find.

So, choose your favorite, toss it in your purse, gym or yoga bag and feel satiated, fueled and energized – no sugar crashes or mid-day cravings included.

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