12 Infused Water Recipes for Delicious + Healthy Hydration

Did you know that staying properly hydrated requires drinking roughly half your bodyweight in ounces each day?
That’s a lot of water! While some of us have not problem drinking flavorless water all day, some of use prefer something with a little flavor. Infusing your water with fruit and herbs is a healthy way to add some fun and even purpose to your beverage.
There’s no better time to start rehydrating then after a workout. A Rosemary & Watermelon Power Booster does just the trick, and will make quenching your thirst an appealing prospect – without adding unnecessary sweeteners and artificial extras.
Start with a liter of cold purified water, and add 3 slices of chopped watermelon and a few rosemary sprigs. Watermelon is a great re-hydrator. It’s mostly made of water (check the name) but is infused with plenty of vitamins A, B6 and C, antioxidants and amino acids – the latter of which will help circulation and cardiovascular health, ideal after a yoga session.
Watermelon is also one of the best sources of lycopene, which is great for your heart and your bones. Rosemary will double-up on those circulation benefits, and prepare your digestive system for your post-workout snack of choice. It also adds a fragrant tang to your drink that compliments the watermelon nicely.
That’s how easy it is to make a healthy, hydrating, and refreshing drink with just a few basic ingredients. But this one recipe is just the start, and this infographic will guide you to a dozen more simple and delicious fruit-infused water recipes.

Revolutionizing the way you drink water begins right here! Stay hydrated, and enjoy the process! Fruit-infused water is not only a delicious way to spruce up your water – it also delivers added nutrients so you’re getting the most out of every sip. Cheers to that!
Infographic via: budgetdirect.com

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