Ladies: I’m Calling You Out! It’s Time to Stop Tearing Each Other Down

Female empowerment means we need to lift each other up instead of tearing each other down. The success of one woman should be the inspiration of another. But all too often, when one woman succeeds, she’s met with hate and criticism from other women.
I’ve had girls comment on my photos to make me feel horrible. Negative comments about my body, my yoga poses, or calling me a slut for being in a bikini – all attempts to tear me down.
Unfortunately, most women have been the victim of some form of hate speech, gossip, or slandering – by other women!
That means there’s a high percentage of women who have been bashed by other women but still bash other women, thus perpetuating the cycle of tearing each other down instead of lifting each other up!!

The success of one woman should be the inspiration of another.

Fortunately I’ve learned to not allow these toxic actions to bring me down because ultimately, it’s never personal, even when it seems like it is. These negative comments just show who they are as a person. It shows that the only way for them to feel good is to hurt someone else.
And that’s sad, because everyone – every woman – deserves to be happy and feel loved and supported.
You’ve heard this before: EMPOWERED WOMEN EMPOWER WOMEN.
You CANNOT be for ONE class of women – you need to be for ALL women – giving and caring for ALL women. Forget the “prettier, more muscular, smarter, richer, thinner, thicker, funnier.” It’s all envy, ego, and comparison.
Comparison is divisive. It says that you’re here, and I’m there, that we’re somehow separate and different, which opens the door for feeling inferior or superior when in reality, we’re all in this together.
We’re all the same beneath the surface – we all breathe, we all feel, and we’re all just trying to get by.
Take a moment and look at your own beauty, all you have, and all you’ve accomplished. Let that ignite your fire and inspire someone else while you’re at it. The only competition should be with who you are at this very moment, and who you ultimately seek to become.
Can you imagine how powerful this world would be if we came together with the greatness we each can bring to the universal table? Whoa. Hello #GirlTribe power!

If you’re a confident woman, you don’t hate on other women.

Let’s just be happy for another woman’s success. Uplift your girlfriends, and let them know how amazing you think they are. Support all the women you come into contact with. Just showing that we support one another is huge, and will create a positive and powerful ripple.
To end, I leave you with two challenges. First, remain open to the women you encounter. Approach them with openness and acceptance. You never know who you’ll connect with, and what friendships or amazing potential you’ll discover.
Next, give a woman a genuine compliment. Whether it’s telling her how great she looks in that outfit, or praising her beautiful yoga practice after class, I promise it will brighten her day and make you feel just as good.
Remember, if you’re a confident woman, you don’t hate on other women.
Put yourself out there, and approach women with the same love and respect that you’d want to be treated with. Meeting new women and hearing their stories can be so empowering and uplifting. We’re all in this together ladies, and true strength is in lifting each other up, not tearing each other down. It’s all love, and it all begins with you!

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Jacqlyn Grace Melita

Jacqlyn is an international 200hr FitYoga teacher. She holds a Reiki Level 1 certification, swears by meditation and hopes to inspire others with her light to see their own grace and live their passions. She hopes to spread awareness about wellness and the vegan lifestyle. She is obsessed with her pitbull Saber and all things turquoise.


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