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Why You Need to Ditch the Self-Help Books Now (and What to Do Instead)

We are truly at an amazing point in human history; one where some of the most powerful knowledge is easily accessible at the touch of our fingertips.
And yet with this abundance of knowledge (self-help, success literature, spirituality, life hacks, etc.) there are still many out there who are frustrated with the results they are achieving (or not achieving). There was a point that I reached on my own journey where I had to stop and get really honest with myself.

The clouds of the mind are simply blocking the sunshine of your True Self from shining into your awareness.

I had to finally admit something very difficult: with all the self-help seminars, books, spiritual practices, and products that I had digested over the past several years, I was still nowhere near where I wanted to be.
How could this be? I had been promised by all of these “Gurus” that I could have what they had, do what they could do, if I just followed their step-by-step formula! (Sound familiar?)
So at a point well along my path of empowering myself, I had to start from scratch and break it all down.

With all the self-help seminars, books, and spiritual practices, I was still nowhere near where I wanted to be.

And as painful as it was, I finally realized something both incredibly hard to accept and incredibly freeing at the same time: I had barely moved an inch.
How so? Well when I really broke it down, I still didn’t know the answer to the most basic and fundamental question of my life: who am I?
Or maybe even, what am I?
You see, without this essential piece to the puzzle, I was spinning my wheels and chasing one goal after another, one product or technique after another, only to find that once I’d achieved that one thing I was sure would make me happy, I was left chasing yet another thing, still in search of the same elusive happiness and peace I so desperately sought.

Can you relate? If you’re ready to ditch the self-help books, and step into your power, then read on for what to do instead:


1. The first step is knowing yourself

When you really boil it all down, who (or what) you believe yourself to be is everything. It is absolutely everything.

  • Knowing yourself affects how you experience life in each and every moment
  • Knowing yourself affects your deepest level of self-confidence
  • Knowing yourself is the most foundational key to the way you manifest and create your reality
  • Knowing yourself is the one and only key to true happiness and contentment in life
  • And it is also the key to abundance and mastering prosperity consciousness

And yet, this type of information is all but completely left out in so much of the self-help or “spiritual” literature and products in the world today!
If you don’t know who or what you are at the deepest level, everything else that you do is based upon false assumption, or lack of understanding.
We can use the Law of Attraction as an example. How many of us work so hard with affirmations, goals, and positive thinking to try to create a happier life for ourselves? We go chasing objects – whether it’s a new job, a higher income bracket, a better house, a better car, a new relationship, etc – without ever first stopping to question why we want or need these things in the first place.
And usually, whenever one of these goals are achieved, we are left to realize, once again, that achieving it hasn’t made us any more happy than we were before, and we may move on to chase yet another goal, hoping once more that this time it’s going to be “the one” that finally sets us free.

If you don’t know yourself at the deepest level, everything else that you do is based upon false assumption, or lack of understanding.

It’s an issue of false identity. When you believe yourself to be a small, separate, individual who is lacking, who relies upon outside circumstances (other people’s love, more of this, more of that) to be truly happy and at peace, you will always be seeking and never finding.
This whole limited sense of identity hinges upon the belief in “not enough-ness.”
But when you can get in touch with your True Self, when you know that you are everything, that you are abundance and love itself, then you are never lacking. This knowing automatically manifests into your life experience from the inside out. You do not feel lacking in anything, because you are everything.
Read this article for more guidance on how to cultivate self-love.

2. The second step is remembering who you are

The only way to truly know this truth about yourself is through experience. And this experience is beyond the rational mind, beyond thought. But within this experience is contained all the understanding and knowledge you will ever need.
Really, you have this understanding and knowledge about who you are already. The clouds of the mind are simply blocking the sunshine of your True Self from shining into your awareness.
This is the opposite of self-help. This is not about adding something. This is about removing the blocks that are obstructing the Truth from being obvious to you. Your True nature is ever-present and always shining, it is simply a matter of quieting your chattering mind and setting your limited beliefs aside so you can see yourself truly shining.

3. The final step is integration

So how do we have this experience that I am talking about? It’s really quite simple, but it may be one of the hardest things you’ve ever done: stop thinking about becoming “more.”
Stop trying to add things to yourself, your knowledge, your mind as if you are incomplete. In fact, learn to take the time to stop thinking altogether and just be. You may just find that the one thing that was stopping you from having everything you want in your life, was searching for everything when it was already right in front of you.

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Ashton Aiden

Ashton is a life coach and the founder of BrainWaveLove, an embodiment of his desire to help people find practical, effective ways for manifesting their dreams, and experiencing success in all realms of life. You can download Ashton's free Ebook, Missing Keys To The Art Of Manifestation on his blog.

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