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Dating Advice: 3 Signs Your Relationship Is Worth Saving (And How If You Answered Yes)

Your relationship just got a little rocky, and you can’t help but wonder if it’s worth it . . . and if it is, how to save the relationship?

But when it comes to dating advice, we hear a ton of mixed messages.

We’ve all been there. Nothing beats the beginning of a relationship. You’re head-over-heels, and in your lovesick eyes, the other person can do no wrong.

But then you begin to see your partner’s flaws, you argue more often and begin to question if you have a future together.

When it comes to dating advice, there’s endless amounts of conflicting information: these messages range from “love conquers all” (from our hopeless romantic friends) to “run for the hills” (from our tough-love friends who have been around the block).

So, should you stay or should you go? In some cases, the relationship is worth saving and in others, it’s in your best interest to walk away.

Dating Advice: Here Are 3 Signs Your Relationship Is Worth Saving:

Read on for three signs that your relationship is worth giving another shot. If you answer “yes” to all three, then you know it’s worth the work!

1. You aren’t compromising your values to please the other person

In the early stages of a relationship, many people are on their best behavior. This isn’t necessarily to be fake, but it’s human nature to want to be liked. So, you choose to ignore the fact that she was 15 minutes late or the fact that he didn’t help do the dishes even though you cooked.

However, as time passes, it will likely start to bother you that you’re punctual and your partner is chronically late. And it will annoy you that they don’t help clean and do their part when it comes to pitching in around the house.

“Healthy relationships do not require that we abandon our values to keep them or that we lie to ourselves about who we are and what we need and want,” says Ann Smith, author of Overcoming Perfectionism: Finding Balance and Self-Acceptance.

If you’re in a healthy relationship, you can talk about these concerns. You can say to your partner that you would like them to be on time, and you when you ask for their help, they happily oblige.

Compromising is normal, but when you feel like you’re sacrificing who you are to please the other person, it becomes a problem.

If you’re wondering how to save your relationship, the best course of action is to communicate openly and honestly with your partner.

Always be true to yourself, and remember that your thoughts and concerns are important too. Oftentimes, we get so caught up in pleasing the other person that we forget to honor our own feelings.

2. You enjoy spending time together (outside of the bedroom)

While it may sound obvious, many people aren’t honest with themselves about this key factor to a healthy relationship.

Ask yourself: Do you sincerely like this person and are you happy when you’re together? Or do you honestly just not want to be alone? The fear of being alone is very powerful and it makes many people stay in dysfunctional relationships for far too long.

Also, good sex can blind you from seeing the truth that you two aren’t compatible. Even when that initial crazy passion fades, you should still look forward to seeing your partner and enjoy spending time together.

Many people confuse chemistry for compatibility. The best dating advice anyone can give is being very clear and honest with yourself if your relationship is based on chemistry or compatibility.

If you’re in a similar situation and looking for dating advice, I wrote an article about that too! Read: 5 Things You Should Know About Your Partner Before Getting Married

3. You argue well together

Conflict resolution is one of the most important skills a couple can possess, and it’s essential when it comes to saving a relationship.

Here’s How to Use Mindful Communication for Conflict Resolution With Your Partner

It’s easy to be happy and in love when things are going well. But when you’re angry, does your partner know how to diffuse the situation? And when you’re upset, does your partner know what to say to calm you down?

Now ask yourself the same question: Are you willing to do these things for your partner? If not, that’s also very telling and may be an indication that you don’t in fact want to save the relationship . . .

Arguments will either make or break a relationship. We’ve all seen the couples who scream back and forth and their arguments go in a circle. Not cute.

We’ve also seen the couple with the guy kissing the girl’s cheek when she’s annoyed and whispering something funny in her ear to make her laugh. Aww!

The bottom line: Are you both willing to work on things? Do you both view yourselves as a team and value the relationship enough to stick it out when times are tough? That’s when you know you want to save your relationship!

The Dating Advice You Need Right Now Is How to Save a Relationship

If you answered yes to the above three signs that your relationship is worth saving, then the dating advice you need is how to save it!

After reevaluating the reasons you’re together, the next step is figuring out how to salvage the situation. The important thing to keep in mind is compassion.

Try to see things from your partner’s point of view and remember it’s not about who’s right and who’s wrong in an argument – it’s about finding common ground. Communication and compromise are everything in a successful, healthy relationship.

If you two can maintain a clear line of communication, are able to compromise, share the same values, and there is mutual trust and respect, you will be able to get through anything! This is the formula to a healthy relationship that thrives.

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