10 Powerful Mantras Every Yoga Teacher Should Use

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Mantras are the secret to being a successful yoga teacher. These powerful mantras are affirming phrases that can help you become a better teacher.
Mantras are a great tool for you to enjoy before you teach a yoga class. They are a way to spread mindfulness to your students, but they also deeply ground you as the instructor. Mantras allow yoga teachers to slow down and enjoy the moment with their students no matter what they are facing in their daily lives.
Most yoga teachers wear an assortment of different hats – from studio owners to entrepreneurs. It’s little wonder your brain can have difficulty focusing when you teach. With the help of these ten mantras, you can keep yourself rooted, focused, and motivated all while teaching and sharing your passion!

Here Are 10 Powerful Mantras For Yoga Teachers

Use these powerful mantras in your everyday practice or silently chant them to yourself before you teach. However you choose to incorporate these into your life, their positive effects will immediately shine through!

1. What you seek is seeking you

Every yoga teacher remembers the moment when they knew they wanted to become an instructor.
It’s at this moment when you realize what you desire or seek to accomplish is your ultimate purpose in life. Being a yoga teacher is more than just instructing people on how to practice a particular pose or meditation technique – it’s about sharing your passion with the world so others are able to experience the exact same thing that you did that lead you down your own yogic path.

2. Inhale confidence, exhale doubt

When you first become a yoga teacher, there might be a lack of confidence in your teaching.
Many teachers have a fear when they graduate yoga teacher training that their teaching style won’t connect with certain students. This is understandable – especially if you are just starting off . . . but fear not! When you do start to doubt yourself, just remember that you are unique and having confidence is the key to your success.

3. Starve the ego, feed the soul

Remember to leave your ego at the door. There is nothing worse than a yoga teacher who thinks everything they do is wildly important or that they are better than others.
As a yoga teacher, you should be seeking out knowledge in order to get better at anything and everything that you do. And you should be seeking out that which feeds the very essence of your soul to keep the burning fire of your passion aglow.

4. I am learning, growing, evolving, and expanding

It’s so important as a yoga teacher to always want to become a better person as well as a better teacher. You should feel the need to learn, grow, and expand your own mind and practice.
By doing this, you can easily inspire your students who, in return, will inspire the world around them. This domino effect is all because of your work as a teacher.

5. It’s my time and I’m ready for it

When you graduate from your yoga teacher training and become a yoga teacher for your favorite studio, remember to tell yourself that it’s your time to shine! Be ready to embrace your purpose and share it with the world around you!
Your students will definitely appreciate this. And after all, it’s likely why you decided to become a teacher in the first place . . . so shine, baby, shine!

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6. Choose purpose over perfection

As a yoga teacher, it’s so important to understand that you don’t have to be perfect. If you always strive to learn and become better than you were yesterday, you can accomplish so much more.

“Practice and all is coming.” – Sri K. Pattabhi Jois

Remember, you have already found your purpose. Now run with it and follow a mission to make yourself better. Just like in your yoga journey, strive to practice rather than perfect!

7. Find your fire

Have you ever had someone tell you to do something that sets your soul on fire? By setting out into the world to become a yoga teacher, you have already begun to set your soul on fire. Now, it’s time for you to find the fire within you to keep getting better and better!

8. Rule your mind or it will rule you

The next time you feel like you can’t control your thoughts and you feel as if you are losing confidence in your abilities to be an awesome yoga teacher, remember that you are in charge of your life.
You are the writer of your own story. Don’t doubt yourself or your teaching abilities! Stay strong and know that you are unique and worthy.

9. Be someone you want to be around

Keep your negativity outside of the yoga studio! Don’t let your own stresses lead you to bring your negativity upon your students. They look up to you for positivity when they are experiencing difficulties in their daily lives.
Be someone that your students and your loved ones want to be around, instead of someone that they would much rather steer clear of.

10. I am flexible and open to change

There is no doubt that, as a yoga teacher, you will experience a significant amount of change in your life. Not just in your personal life, but also your professional life.
There will be times when you will have to change the way you teach and even where you teach. Remember, to be flexible and open to any change that comes your way. This will allow you to grow and expand your light in every direction!

These Powerful Mantras Can Shift Your Entire Teaching Experience

It’s no secret that mantras are powerful tools. They allow you to focus your energy on what matters most – which, in return, will allow you to become a better teacher.
By reciting your favorite mantras throughout the day, you can easily reap the benefits in no time and spread positivity to all those around you, particularly your beloved students!
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