Sacral Chakra: Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Your Second Chakra

Our emotions reside physically in our bodies. On a subtle level, our bodies communicate with the energies around us and certain energetic impulses usually relate directly to a certain part of the body and chakra that’s weakened or imbalanced.

Each chakra represents a spiritual life lesson or challenge to help us gain a more in-depth understanding of our personal and spiritual power. This, in turn, helps us learn how to overcome obstacles, let go of emotional blockages, and walk the path towards spiritual consciousness.

“The truest expression of a people is in its dance and in its music. Bodies never lie.” -Agnes de Mille

This article explains the Sacral Chakra (the Second Chakra or Svadhisthana) in-depth by exploring its emotional and mental connection to the physical world.

The energy of the Second Chakra is the power of partnerships, how we begin to relate to others outside the family dynamic, the creative exploration of life and relationships, sexuality, and discovering the power of choice.

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Here Are the Main Characteristics of the Sacral Chakra:

The Sacral Chakra resonates with our need for relationships and our need to control or create the dynamics of our physical world. The Second Chakra shifts from obeying community and family authority, and allows us to discover satisfying relationships and interests of our own.

But if the First Chakra is already out of balance with lack of root support from your family, how are you supposed to learn how to form harmonious friendships, relationships and healthy physical interests later in life?

The Sacral Chakra Houses Creativity, Relationships, and Sexuality

Being creative in nature, the Sacral Chakra’s main focus is allowing the individual to discover what they enjoy, to form hobbies, create loving and exciting relationships, and even creativity in lovemaking and sexual eroticism.

The Second Chakra is centered on personal identity or personal play in the external world and how it responds to the seductive forces of the physical world. Therefore, if the Second Chakra is unbalanced, it can lead to addictions of drugs, sex, gambling and money.

The Svadhisthana is the foundation of a healthy ego that allows us to interact with the world without selling ourselves short or pretending to be someone we are not. A person with a strong Second Chakra can survive financially and physically on his or her own and bond with others to form harmonious friendships.

A balanced Second Chakra has the ability to take risks and have the resilience to recover when things go wrong.

How the Second Chakra Relates to Sex

Sexually, this is the pleasure chakra that essentially ‘turns us on’ and is deeply connected to our partnerships with others. This chakra also correlates to physical things that we find pleasure in such as painting, fishing or writing erotic poetry – whatever floats your boat!

Sexual eroticism is a form of physical and emotional freedom as well as spiritual liberation because it is about being in the moment so we can let go of our fears and boundaries to enjoy the bountiful happiness of the human experience.

What the Sacral Chakra Teaches Us

This chakra is all about having the power to realize and utilize your talent to express the life you want to lead. A Sacral Chakra in distress can form abusive, controlling relationships, and cause bullying in the workplace, fear of abandonment, and loss of financial and creative power.

The lesson the Sacral Chakra teaches us is that every relationship we create – from the casual to the most intimate – has a purpose, no matter how painful, to help us become more consciously aware of our karma and ourselves.

Some relationships are necessarily difficult because it makes us learn about our own limitations and ourselves.

Through this lesson, we remember that nobody is perfect – all human beings are beautifully flawed. So the next time that rude colleague is mean to you, try to empathize with them. They might be having a rough day or perhaps had a turbulent childhood that has caused a number of complexes.

The Power of the Sacral Chakra

Symbolically and literally, the Sacral Chakra is the birth canal. We have the capacity to birth a life we want, to start that project we’ve wanted to, a relationship with the cute guy in the coffee shop, or a friendship with a fellow yogi in class.

It is having that personal power of choice to make the move. It is the sensation of being physically alive and creating the life you desire.


Signs of Imbalance in the Sacral Chakra

Much like the Root Chakra, the sacral is often neglected as many of us attempt to attain enlightenment via the higher chakras. Yet just like it’s associated color orange, the second chakra is like the birth of a sunrise bringing forth a new dawn in our lives.

It is in this chakra that we design the life we want. Therefore, it is important that we do not neglect this ever-important foundational chakra.

Many illnesses that can originate from this energy center are manifested through fear of losing control in the relationships we have built with others and even with our connection to physical things such as business deals or projects we have become closely attached to.

Difficulties arise when we feel we cannot create the physical expression of our life outside the familial authority of the First Chakra. In these cases, we are bringing baggage from the Muladhara into our Sacral Chakra.

A few of the common health problems that manifest from an imbalanced Sacral Chakra are:

  • Chronic lower back pain
  • Arthritis
  • Genital or sexual problems
  • Hip issues

Imbalance in the Sacral Chakra can manifest into low confidence, lack of motivation, inability to create intimate connections with others, lack of interest in self expression or artistic abilities, infertility, urinary problems, difficulties giving birth, producing orgasms and a low libido.

How to Heal Your Sacral Chakra:

Dance like no one is watching, make love during sunrise, and get creative! Keep a journal to help let go of any negative emotions and know that only you can create the life and loving relationships that you want.
Yoga poses for Svadhisthana: Trikonasana and Dancer pose
Crystals to balance Svadhisthana: Fire opal and Carnelian
Aromatherapy for Svadhisthana: Sandalwood, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang
The second chakra symbolizes our creative potential, our ability to harbor fulfilling relationships, as well as our sexual energy – all coming together to create an empowered and confident individual.

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