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4 Reasons Yogis Should Stop Eating Meat Right Now

A Vegan’s Take on the World Health Organization’s Recent Report
When the World Health Organization announced that the effects of processed meats were carcinogenic to humans (on October 26th, 2015), even relating the consumption to alcohol and cigarettes use, the discussion spread quickly. Twitter was flooded with defiant meat eaters unwilling to give up processed meat, and many went so far as to question the report’s validity.
I must say, although the meat industry has beef with the research (pun intended), and bacon lovers are in dismay, I couldn’t be more excited. It means that things are changing.
I understand change is difficult. I know the American diet has been full of meat, dairy and eggs for quite some time. I totally get it. I also recognize that our society, our earth, everything is constantly changing and evolving. I personally feel we must be willing to do the same.
After doing my own research, committing to a vegan or vegetarian diet seemed logical and best for me. To help ease the shock of this claim from WHO, I have compiled a few reasons why a diet free of animal products should be considered.
I have also related it to the yoga practice, and how the awareness yoga brings may allow fellow yogis to embrace the idea of vegetarian and vegan lifestyles.
Here are 4 reasons yogis should make the transition to meatless EVERYDAY and inspire others to do the same:


1. Yogis believe in compassion:

In yoga, we greatly stress the importance of compassion for all beings and ourselves. In yoga we are taught the philosophy of ahimsa, or non-violence and can apply that to animals. The cruelty associated in factory farming practices is undeniable, and a look into what takes place there could be the first step in accepting a lifestyle change.

2. Our health is wealth:

A regular practitioner of yoga values their health, listens to their body, and wants to see their bodies thrive physically.

3. Yogis have flexibility:

Our flexibility is both physical and mental. Whether on the mat or in the kitchen, the open mindedness and ability to become flexible is a major theme amongst yogis.


4. We understand the food we consume affects our mind and body:

Yogis dedicate a lot of time working to calm the mind, develop a meditation practice and reap the benefits of this mindful way of living. The food we eat impacts the chemical makeup of our brain. Also, according to Ayurveda, the best foods are grown in harmony with nature and provide the most mental clarity. Hot dogs and processed deli meat are not the most harmonious with nature, and therefore are not harmonious with your mind-body connection either.
If you are already following a meat-free diet, I’m sure that like me, you have encountered judgment when discussing your beliefs with meat eaters. Celebrate this recent news in the headlines. It has been heard globally. Use it to your advantage while continuing the conversation about the impacts of eating meat on our environment, the animals, and ourselves.
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Adorable Child Tells Us Why We're All Wrong for Eating Meat (Video)
This is what conscious eating is all about. The beautiful thing about this video is that the child's innocence allows him to be aware of what he is actually eating. He understands that while the food in front of him may not look like the animal it once was, it was an animal and that the life of an innocent animal is not his to take.
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Kate Van Horn

Kate Van Horn is a tarot reader, business mentor and intuitive healer based in LA. Kate hopes to inspire others to radically accept themselves, their stories, their bodies, and live more authentically. She leads beginner courses and tarot trainings for women who hope to share this spiritual tool with others.

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