This Personal Essential Oils Diffuser Is About the Coolest Thing Ever!

Do you love essential oils but you find mixing, transporting and finding convenient ways to experience your blends on-the-go to be a real hassle? Or, are you an essential oil novice who is curious about the benefits and eager to see what all the fuss is about? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then the MONQ personal aromatherapy diffuser might be the savior you’ve been looking for to complement your yoga, meditation, and wellness practices.

Here’s what the MONQ personal aromatherapy diffuser is all about:



What makes MONQ unique?

MONQ may look like a vape pen or e-cigarette, but it is not. The MONQ personal wellness aromatherapy diffuser allows you to experience the tremendous power of essential oils in a convenient and easy-to-use pen.
The pen diffuses essential oils and wild extracts, so you can breathe them in and experience their unique therapeutic benefits on your mind and body before, during or after your meditation and yoga practices.
MONQ is available in seven custom blends of essential oils that are organic, natural, and free of nicotine, tobacco, GMOs, and artificial chemicals. All ingredients are sourced from sustainably harvested wild plant extracts, from the US whenever possible, and processed in the US into the essential oil blends.


How does it work?

It’s so easy to use! Once you know what mood or feeling you would like to enhance, simply open your MONQ, press the end to your lips and gently breathe in through your mouth, and allow the blend of oils to fill your mouth and enhance your senses. Then, exhale through your nose. It’s that simple!




And, once you are done, it is recyclable. Collect 10 used pens and send them to MONQ, and they will send you a brand new one for free.


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How can I use MONQ to enhance my yoga and meditation practices?

There are seven MONQ blends available and you can use each to enhance your yoga and meditation practices:
Zen: The Zen blend will calm your mind and help you find mental clarity. Use the zen blend before meditation or savasana to relax your mind and find your inner zen.
Vibrant: Use the rejuvenating oil blend to boost attention, stimulate and restore your senses, and relieve stress. This blend uplifts your spirits and puts you in a euphoric state that emanates with positivity and love on and off the mat.
Sleepy: On days when you just cannot shut off your brain for your yoga or meditation practice, the Sleepy blend will relax, calm and soothe your mind and prepare you for your practice, savasana or a deep, restful night’s sleep.
Active: If you need a pick-me-up, turn to the energy blend to feel fresh, uplifted and energized any time of day. Take a few gentle puffs of this energy blend and you will fight fatigue and be ready to tackle that 60-minute yoga class in no time.
Healthy: This blend promotes natural wellness by improving circulation, improving your digestive system, soothing physical discomfort and relaxing tense muscles. Use this throughout your day to promote a healthy body that is prepared for your asanas.
Happy: With the Happy blend, a gentle puff will help transform even the cloudiest of days and put a smile on your face. Use this before yoga class or throughout your day to ease frustrations, calm your mind and get in the zone.
Sexy: While not a typical word you might use to describe yoga, the sexy blend is filled with earthy aphrodisiacs and sensual scents that will boost your confidence or get you ready to shake what yo’ mama gave you in your next Buti yoga class.

How can I get it?

You can purchase your own on the MONQ website or you can find a retailer near you by clicking here.
If you are ready to enhance your yoga and meditation practices with the immense powers of essential oils, then try the MONQ personal diffusers. These easy-to-use personal diffusers can complement your yogic lifestyle and provide tremendous benefits for your yoga and meditation practice, in addition to your overall health and wellness.

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