This New Pill Could Let Gluten-Free People Enjoy Bread Again

There is a new pill out there that is said to allow people suffering from gluten intolerance to enjoy their favorite bread-based foods again. Say what?!

Yep. Say goodbye to that fake cardboard bread in your fridge and say hello to pizza, beer, and all the other marvelous delicacies that are heavy in gluten.

According to CBC, Hoon Sunwoo, an associate professor of pharmaceutical sciences at the University of Alberta has spent the last decade working on a pill that would allow people with celiac disease to eat gluten again without having to worry about digestion issues, headaches, or intestinal damage.

And according to his successful clinical trials, he has done it.

But don’t throw all your gluten-free foods out the window just yet. Sunwoo warns that this is not a cure-all and should only be used occasionally for those, “I just gotta have it” cravings.

The pill uses egg yolk antibodies to coat gluten, allowing it to pass from the body without harm. It would need to be taken just five minutes before eating or drinking something with gluten in it, and its effects could last for one or two hours.

This magical pill of pizza bliss and beer bongs is not available to the public just yet. There are more clinical trials it needs to go through before the FDA gives the A-Okay, but progress is progress and soon enough we will all once again enjoy the finer things in life. Bread.


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