Tone Your Booty on TikTok With These 5 Glute Exercises + Tips

Have you tried any TikTok workouts yet? If you’ve been checking out your backside lately and want to take your glutes to the next level with targeted glute exercises, then you’re in the right place.

We’ve done the heavy lifting and compiled a list of five glute exercises on TikTok.

We’ve all dropped the peach emoji to symbolize a perky, toned booty. We even have songs dedicated to the beauty of the healthy, strong, and chiseled backend like the infamous Baby Got Back anthem from Sir Mix-a-Lot.

Read on for five TikTok workouts for your glutes!


TikTok Workouts Are on the Rise

TikTok has become a powerful resource with videos for entertainment, spiritual development, financial development, dance routines, and, yes, even TikTok workouts.

With an estimated 65.9 million monthly active users in the United States alone, there’s a little bit of something for everyone.

So let’s get your glutes fired up with these five awesome glute exercises and glute workout tips on TikTok.

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Here Are 5 Tips for Glute Exercises From Some of the Best TikTok Workouts:


1. Dos and Don’ts

First off, you may already be doing glute exercises, but you’re not seeing the changes you expected.

TikToker @mariasteixeira_ has designated videos chock full of fit tips to walk you through your workout.

@mariasteixeira_🍑🔥 #tiktokfitness #fittok #dumptruck #gluteworkout #gluteexercises #growyourglutes #athomeworkouts #glutegrowth #fitnessroutine #leggings

♬ Banana (feat. Shaggy) [DJ FLe – Minisiren Remix] – Conkarah

Here she demonstrates some dos and don’ts of building your glutes with a video titled, “This is why your glutes are not growing.”

She offers simple weightless swaps such as sumo squats instead of regular squats and backward lunges instead of forward lunges.

These exercises more actively target your glutes and hamstrings, because strengthening the top of the hamstrings is what gives that nice lift we like to see (like in the peach emoji).

This video is helpful for anyone who prefers to workout at home or to complete a glute exercise workout without weights.

And because we are super dedicated to your success, also check out her “Underbooty Exercises” video.

@mariasteixeira_🍑💦 #fitnesslife #tiktokfitness #dumptruck #gluteworkout #growyourglutes #gluteexercies #athomeworkout #glutefocus #howtogrowglutes #glutes

♬ Impatient (feat. Coi Leray) – DDG & OG Parker

These exercises specifically target the under-booty without weights and can easily be modified to include weights for extra building.

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2. Eat Up and Up the Ante

TikToker @life_and_fitness_byellie shares with us in her “Transform your BOOTY” video how important it is to properly nourish your body to see muscular changes.


@life_and_fitness_byellieDrop your best glute growth tips in the comments🎂 #lifeandfitnessbyellie #fyp #glutegrowthtips #growthebooty #gluteworkout

♬ deja vu – Olivia Rodrigo

She completes popular glute exercises such as hip thrusts with weights (can also be done without weights) and frog thrusts.

She also mentions how she switched from training her glutes once a week to three times a week.

With all this training, nutrition is important so remember to get in your protein!

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3. Form Matters

Who would’ve thought active side lunges target the glutes? Well they do and @vivalanneoma shows us how with a weighted and unweighted option of active side lunges in her killer TikTok workouts.

@vivalanneomaMost underrated hourglass exercise ⌛️#workouts #fitness #fitnesstok #fitnesstiktok #blackgirlfitness #whatwaist #fypシ #weightlifting #glutesworkout

♬ Here We Go – Saucy Santana

She explains that form is everything! So focus more on keeping yourself in form and less on adding weights.

Once you see her videos you will become a believer. She is on to something!


4. No Need to Squeeze

Squeezing the glutes seems like an effective way to build, but TikToker and online health coach @meaghayes.fit, demonstrates how popular weighted glute exercises create enough tension without squeezing at the top.

@meaghayes.fitMyth BUSTED ✅ #growyourglutes #booty #fyp #workoutsforwomen

♬ Okinawa Pier – FloFilz

In this TikTok workout video, she performs two popular glute building exercises: weighted deadlifts and squats.

The video is a “how to” for keeping constant tension at the base of the movement for the ultimate glute workout. She uses graphics to pinpoint that peak tension (the place where the glutes work the hardest to perform the movement) is highest at the bottom of the exercises.

She says the harder your glutes work, the more booty you build! So let’s get those glutes work, work, work, work, working!

5. Add Glutes to Your Cardio

Yup, kill two birds with one stone! Tiktoker @woo.sah is trying to get our glutes lifted like Nicki Manaj through a glute targeted exercise on the elliptical.

@woo.sahTOK FAM I HAVE A TIP FOR YOU TO ADD TO YOUR HUMP DAY!! for my online coaching email wsonlineclient@gmail.com #fp #foryou #gluteworkout #legday

♬ original sound – Woosah

Keeping your heels planted is key here! Check out the TikTok workout video for a demonstration.

To see an even more thorough glutes exercise workout by @woo.sah – look no further! Cheers!

@woo.sahALL GLUTE WORK FOR MY TOK FAM! LETS GOOO! #fp #foryou #gluteworkout #workout

♬ original sound – Woosah

The curtsy lunges alone will get your booty fired up!

Most of these exercises are weightless and/or use a resistance band! Using a resistance band is a great alternative to weights. The resistance band helps build tension and resistance just as weights do!

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Turn to TikTok Workouts for the Best Glute Exercises and Tips

There’s enough here to keep your glute exercises targeted and effective for a good bit of time! Like we said, we’ve got your back. (Get it – we got your back?!) 😉

Nevermind the jokes. It’s time for you to get that ultimate perky, peach booty popping!

Enjoy and let us know which of these TikTok workout tips helps you grow your healthy, strong booty!

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