There’s a Stone for That! 5 Simple Ways to Use Crystals in Your Daily Routine

So you bought a ton of crystals and accumulated a special collection. Now what? What do you actually do with these beautiful things?!

Crystals are vibrational healing tools that allow us to tap into their energetic field to elevate our own.

Purchasing a bunch of stones and letting them collect dust on a shelf is not going to bring you the outcomes you might’ve had in mind when you bought them – you gotta work for it!

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While there are tons of different ways to use crystals in your daily life, here are five practical uses for crystals which will encourage you to work with them, without having to think too much about it.

For each of the below, please let my crystal suggestions be a guide, not a rule.

Tap into your intuition and use whichever crystal your higher self might be asking for – and if it doesn’t match the crystals’ meaning on a blog or book, that’s fine! We all respond differently to different vibrational healing tools, so stick with what feels good to you.


5 Ways to Use Crystals in Your Daily Life:

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1. Crystal Meditation

One of the most obvious ways to use crystals in your day is to include a crystal meditation as a part of your morning routine.

This can be as easy as choosing a crystal to hold in your hand during a seated meditation, or, if you prefer to lie down while meditating, you can place a crystal on a specific chakra or energy center that might need some extra love.

My favorite places to put a crystal during meditation are my third eye (this helps keep me from tensing up my eyebrows which I have a tendency to do) and my heart (the weight of a crystal on my chest can be so soothing).

While you can use any crystal that might give you a certain energy you want to attract during your meditation, a few go-to stones to help ease anxiety and connect with the spiritual realms are clear quartz, howlite, lepidolite, lemurian, and apophyllite.

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2. Simple Gem Elixir

One of my favorite uses for crystal energy throughout the day is through gem elixirs. While this may sound really fancy, I promise it’s not!

You may have seen beautiful water bottles with crystals inside them at different metaphysical stores which is definitely one route to drinking crystal-infused water. But, you can also make your own personalized gem elixirs at home for a fraction of the cost.

The most important thing to note when making your own gem elixirs is to look up the chemical makeup of the crystal(s) you want to use to be sure that it does not have any toxic elements (like pyrite for example).

Crystals are vibrational healing tools that allow us to tap into their energetic field to elevate our own.

You should also check the Moh’s Hardness (this can be done with a quick Google search) of the crystal you want to use to be sure that it has a hardness of 5 or above, otherwise it might dissolve or break apart in the water.

Also, use tumbled or polished stones (as opposed to rough or raw) as they will inevitably get tossed around in your drink and you don’t want any of their rough edges to break off into the water.

Once you have a tumbled stone (you can choose up to 3) to use, be sure to wash it with soap and water before adding to your glass or drink container of choice.

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Because water is such a great energy conductor, this is an awesome way to get the energetic properties of the stones in your system. While you can choose any crystals that meet the requirements I’ve mentioned, you can’t go wrong with any kind of quartz crystal here!


3. Beautiful Deskmates

Keeping your gems in strategic places is another simple way to use crystals without having to think much! If you spend a lot of time at a desk, whether it’s in your home office or if you go to an office, I highly suggest keeping a few precious stones around your workspace.

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Choose any that you feel called to, but consider the electromagnetic field (EMF) generated by your electronics.

Without going too deep into EMFs, know they are created by moving electrically charged objects (like our phones, computers, etc.) and, because we have been exposed to them more and more, there are big concerns about their impact on our mental and physical health.

But don’t worry – there’s a crystal for that!

In fact, one study cited tourmaline specifically as one that helps to absorb EMFs.

In addition to tourmaline, you can also use shungite or hematite. Getting away from the EMF side of things, you may also want a fluorite crystal on your desk to help with focus, or maybe a citrine crystal to help attract prosperity.

4. Soothing Crystal Bath

An easy way to use crystals in your daily routine is by soaking in the energy in a relaxing crystal bath.

Similar to the elixirs above, you will definitely need to check the Moh’s hardness of whatever stones you choose to bring in the bath with you and make sure there aren’t any toxic elements that can be absorbed through your skin.

Once you’ve determined the stones you want to use are safe in the tub, drop them into your bath along with any bath bombs, essential oils, flowers, etc.

Favorite stones for the bath are obsidian (which has a low toxicity and is fine for bathing, but you should avoid ingesting) to absorb negativity, labradorite for protection or black moonstone for spiritual purity.

5. Bedtime Worry Stone

Adding a final element of crystal love into your nighttime routine is a perfect way to cap the day and set you up for a good night’s rest.

Keeping a worry stone or two at your bedside table can be a really convenient way to ease any anxieties about the day ahead or any other thoughts or emotions still weighing on your mind.

A worry stone is just a specific shape or cut of a crystal: it is smooth and fits easily in your fingers with an indentation for you to rub your thumb for anxiety relief. You can also use palm stones for the same effect (palm stones are often a little larger and don’t have the indentation).

To use a worry stone, simply place the stone between your fingers and rub your thumb along that indentation.

As you do this, close your eyes and visualize all of the anxieties, fears and tension in your body and mind moving through your hand and out through your thumb, allowing the crystal to absorb and transmute that energy.

There are tons of different options to use for worry stones but selenite, blue lace agate, or smoky quartz are great to relieve anxiety and stress.
healing crystals

There Is a Stone for That! Use Crystals Throughout Your Day for Optimal Healing

There are endless ways to use your precious gemstones in your daily life and you should feel free to elaborate on the above to find what works for you in your routine.

Grab a stone (ideally, small and polished) and keep it in your pocket throughout the day or keep one at your bedside table as a visual reminder of any healing outcome or energy you want to manifest.

The use of crystals in your daily routine are limitless, so go enjoy your crystal babies and explore how they can help you transform your world!

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Kayce Laine

Kayce Laine is a Certified Crystal, Reiki and Sound Practitioner based in Nashville, TN. In addition to her energy healing work, she works as an Associate Teacher for the International Sound Healing Academy. She is also co-founder of Gold Sky Music, a music production company and recently released an 8-track indie pop record.


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