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Chakra, Aura, and Reiki Energy Healing Guide

There’s a lot of information out there on energy healing, and it can be pretty overwhelming! This guide is designed to help you learn and get started with energy healing yourself. It breaks down several types of energy healing modalities into three main categories: what it is, what the benefits of it are, and how you can do it.
Achieving balance in our energetic bodies allows us to reach our full physical potential and lead happier, healthier lives with more positivity and strength.

Here are 5 main types of energy healing, plus everything you need to know about each one:


1. Meditation Healing

Many of you are probably familiar with meditation, which is a great way to destress, relax your mind and body, and find your inner peace. Yoga and meditation go hand in hand – in fact, yoga is considered a form of “moving meditation” – a meditative physical exercise that can help prepare for deeper meditation.
Overview of meditation and healing:

  • There are multiple forms of meditation, so if you’ve tried one type without success before, try another until you find one that works for you!
  • Don’t underestimate the physical effects of meditation. It’s a powerful tool for stress reduction, which over time can take a major toll on your wellbeing.
  • Studies have shown that mindful meditation literally changes your brain. Over time, meditation grows the areas of your brain associated with focus, learning, memory, and empathy, and shrinks those associated with anxiety and stress.


2. Reiki Healing

Reiki is considered a touch modality, meaning the work involves direct contact between the practitioner and the recipient. But Reiki can also be sent from a distance once the healer is attuned to the recipient’s energetic blockages.
Overview of Reiki healing:

  • Every person experiences the Reiki energy differently, but many say they feel a warm tingling sensation wherever the healer’s hands are hovering over or slightly touching them. Most people describe feeling extremely relaxed and revitalized after a session.
  • Reiki healers, called Reiki Masters, do not control the Reiki energy. They simply channel it and let it guide them toward where the problem is.
  • For Reiki to help, the person on the receiving end must allow themselves to be open to receiving the energy. The Reiki energy flows freely through the healer’s hands, but it is up to the recipient to accept the energy and direct it toward the place where it is needed. Most of the time the conscious mind is not aware of this direction, but the recipient’s energetic body guides the Reiki energy wherever it is needed.
  • Many hospitals around the country use Reiki practitioners to help patients with physical ailments. It’s a widely recognized therapeutic practice that is gaining more and more traction in mainstream healthcare.


3. Chakra Balancing

Chakras are our energy centers and the openings for life energy to flow into and out of our aura. There are seven of them found in the body:

  1.  Root Chakra, located at the base of the spine, is represented through our primal existence and survival instincts. When balanced, the first chakra leads to a feeling of being grounded and steady.
  2. Sacral Chakra, located just below the navel is represented through sexual energy, creativity, and sincerity. When balanced, the second chakra leads to accepting new experiences and feeling connections with others.
  3. Solar Plexus Chakra, located behind the solar plexus, is represented through purpose, willpower, and determination. When balanced, the third chakra leads to feeling confident and in control of your life.
  4. Heart Chakra, located in the breast area, is represented through the ability to show compassion and love. When balanced, the fourth chakra opens your heart to love.
  5. Throat Chakra, located in the throat, is the fifth chakra represented through communication and expression. When balanced, communication improves.
  6. Third Eye Chakra, located between the eyebrows, is represented through intuition and awareness. When balanced, the sixth chakra supports objectivity and focus.
  7. Crown Chakra, located at the top of the head, is represented by being open to spirituality, and a connection to the world and the universe. When balanced, the seventh chakra supports your spirituality in a healthy way.

Overview of chakra balancing:

  • Chakras exist to vitalize the physical body and to develop our self-awareness and spirituality. They act as a pyramid that builds from physical wellbeing to fuller self-consciousness.
  • Once you’re aware of your chakras and how they work together, you can begin to recognize blockages more easily. Working with an energy healer in the beginning can help you become aware of these frequencies and teach you how to align your own chakras.
  • There are certain physical and emotional sensations that are tied to blockages of each chakra.



4. Aura Reading

Auras are magnetic fields that surround living beings. They reflect the personal energy of the person they surround and, when read, can reveal their emotional and physical state.
Auras are made up of seven different interrelated layers which reflect emotional, physical, astral, rational, and divine components of each person. Most people can’t see auras with the naked eye, but we can definitely sense them. Ever felt immediately drawn to or repulsed by someone you’ve just met? That’s the result of their aura!
Overview of aura reading:

  • Did you know that your own aura can influence the way you perceive someone else’s? The energy that surrounds our own bodies acts as the lens through which we view the world. We see everything from behind our own aura. To truly read someone else’s aura, you have to be self-aware enough to know when your energy ends and someone else’s begins.
  • You can cleanse and maintain your aura by eating healthy, thinking positively, meditating, seeking out the beauty in situations, and treating others with kindness.


5. Crystal Healing

Crystals interact with the energy around them and can act as conductors. All crystals have a unique internal structure, which affects the stone’s resonance, the kind of energy it attracts, and the way which it clears negativity (either by absorbing or repelling it).
You can use crystals for a variety of things, but the most popular use is to promote health and wellbeing. Some gemstones have calming properties, some attract love, and others repel negative energy. Strategically placing certain stones around your home can attract certain energies into your life and encourages Chi – positive life force energy – to flow harmoniously.
Overview of crystal healing:

  • Certain crystals complement chakra balancing exercises very well. When working on your chakras, choose a stone whose color matches that of the appropriate chakra. If you’re working with a healer, they may place the stones on your body to help conduct the current.
  • Using crystals while meditating can amplify the effects of your meditation, too. Try meditating while holding a crystal in your left hand to feel its effects.
  • Like your aura, crystals need to be cleansed of negative energy every once in awhile. The easiest way to do this is with sea salt and spring water. You can recharge your crystals by placing them in direct moonlight.

To learn more on crystal healing, check out 5 Healing Crystals Every Yogi Should Have.
If you’re interested in learning more about energy healing overall, you can read the full Energy Healing Guide as featured on Our friends at Psychic Source created this awesome guide so you can learn how energy healing works, which includes a ton of resources written by some of the top experts in the field. YouAligned is featured in the guide as well, so be sure to check it out!

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Bridgette Miler

Bridgette is an advisor at Psychic Source and has worked over 35 years as a psychic. Bridgette uses her amazing clairvoyant gift to help others in virtually all areas of their lives. She feels deeply connected to her spirit guides who supply her with factual and loving advice to share with those who request readings.

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