Feeling Ungrounded? Here’s How to Heal Your Earth Element

In Ayurveda, we recognize five elements: space, air, fire, water, and earth, as the building blocks of all material existence.

Everything that exists has some percentage of these five elements present in them. In this article, we will explore the first element: earth. We will also offer earth element healing practices so you can feel grounded and connected.


An Introduction to the Earth Element:

Earth is the most static of all the elements.

Earth does not travel far, and does not move or change much. This demonstrates the static quality of this element.

Examples of the earth element in nature are: the ground, trees, mountains, valleys, geological structures, rocks, sand and many others. In the 7-Chakra system – earth element is represented by the Root Chakra, or the Muladhara which is a masculine energy center.

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A Balanced Earth Element Looks Like This:

When the earth element is balanced within us, we become extremely stable and safe in life regardless of the circumstance. We become grounded and unwavering in our sense of stability.

We become at peace with all of life – it’s ups and downs, the spectrum of all emotions, conflict of ideas don’t impact us the way they otherwise would. This can be felt energetically with a person whose earth element is balanced.

An Imbalanced Earth Element Looks Like This:

When the earth element overflows or is too strong, we may begin to lose interest in living, or doing anything. We become extremely static, adverse to change or taking risks, and we want to stay in our comfort zone.

When the earth element underflows or is too weak, we may begin to feel unstable, change direction often, feel unsafe or unsupported, and have anxiety. We may also have a hard time keeping a job, hobby, or relationship.

How to Know When Your Earth Element Needs Healing:

When we feel extremely emotional on a regular basis, if we get triggered easily, have a hard time not fixating and obsessing over things in our mind or can’t find an equilibrium, these are signs the earth element is in need of healing.

Other signs of this can include having difficulty executing ideas or following through on commitments, high or low blood pressure, or ongoing feelings of stress or anxiety that we can’t seem to shake.

If you are currently dealing with any of these issues, it may be your cue to heal your earth element and reset your ability to be grounded, rooted, and stable in all areas of your life.

Here’s How to Heal Your Earth Element:

Here are six simple practices you can use to balance and heal your earth element any time you feel ungrounded.

1. Grounding

Also known as Earthing, grounding is the practice of physical grounding yourself (either in nature or energetically). Imagine roots coming out of the sole of your feet and reaching deep down into the ground beneath you.

Send all the low vibrations and intense emotions down through your roots, to the center of the earth to get transmuted. Mother Earth will lovingly do that for you.

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Or, go outside and walk on the ground, feeling your body connect to it. Ideally, you can do this with bare feet!

Even in electrical instruments, a ground wire is used to connect to the earth. This wire is here in case of electricity surges and can handle the charge sent to it without getting charged itself.

2. Get Outside

Go to mountains for a hike, hug a tree (don’t knock it until you try it!), put your feet on the grass or in the beach sand.

Wherever you are, take yourself outside. Leave your phone at home. Fully immerse yourself in nature and experience how much this instantly connects you back to the earth element.


3. Color Healing

Wear the color dark red. Look at the dark color red. Red is the color of the Root Chakra. Colors are believed to activate the qualities they represent.

So this red color, connected to our ‘earth’ chakra, allows us to tap into that grounding Earth energy and can also serve as a reminder to return to our sense of grounding anytime we begin to feel ungrounded.

4. Eat Earthy Foods

Eat foods that grow deep in the soil, like potatoes, carrots, corn, millet, chickpeas, summer squash, beets, yams and many others that grow beneath the earth.

The simple act of having some of these vegetables as your table centerpiece is a great way to activate the earth element.

5. Garden

Gardening is also a very helpful practice that immediately (and obviously) connects us to the earth element in a tangible way. Getting our hands dirty and feeling the earth’s soil beneath our fingernails is a palpable way to connect back to source and feel grounded.


6. Use Affirmations

Affirmations are empowering statements that help direct our mind’s focus and also the energy we seek to call in. Affirmations typically begin with “I am” statements.

A few powerful affirmations for earth element healing are:

  • I am safe
  • I am secure
  • I exist
  • I am grounded


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Find Grounding Through Your Earth Element Healing

Whenever you need to heal, balance, or nurture your earth element, you can return to these practices.

Each of these earth element practices will help you become (and remain) more stable emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically. In turn, you will experience more equilibrium in all areas of your life. It all begins with a balanced earth element.


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