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Earthing: How This Practice Connects Your Mind and Body

Grounding is when you feel deeply connected to your breath, body, and physical environment. Earthing is one practice of grounding to help you find this connection. In any form of grounding, you observe the mind and become aware of the subtle shifts of your emotional and energetic bodies.

You can become more grounded with various practices like earthing, meditation, journaling, and yoga. The more you practice, you’ll reach groundedness more easily.

You’re an energetic being in a human body having an experience.

During your grounding practices, it’s important to remember that you’re an energetic being in a human body having an experience, and your consciousness moves quicker than your physical body.

We practice grounding and earthing to absorb the downloads, the upgrades, the shifts, and the experiences of consciousness into our physical forms. Our physical body needs intentional time and space to process, re-establish natural rhythms, and sync back into its primal flow.

How to Practice Earthing and Why It Grounds You

Earthing is a type of grounding practice in which you walk barefoot outdoors, and brings the profound benefits of grounding while you’re in Nature. By spending more time outdoors in earthing, you can positively impact every level of your being by resetting the electrical currents of your physiology.

Getting outside and connecting to the earth in this way is important because your “human suit,” or your physical body, is physically made of the same materials as all Earth-made substances.

These atoms and particles have their own innate, intelligent rhythm that can become thrown off in our bodies due to stress, neglecting our physical body, an overactive mind, high demands at work or at home . . . basically all the things that come with being alive in modern times!

The Many Benefits of Earthing

To get the most benefit out of earthing and grounding, you must enter into it intentionally, with focus, and as though it is a sacred act.

If you’ve ever just gone through the motions of meditation or yoga, you know that these practices are much more potent when they have intention attached. It is the same with earthing and grounding.

Our bodies are highly intelligent creations and when we get out of their way and allow nature to do the work for us, profound healing can take place.

Just as a tree grows without our involvement or thinking about it, so can our bodies recover, build resiliency, and find their innate way when we intentionally provide them with the loving, compassionate space to do so.

Our bodies are highly intelligent creations . . .

Grounding and earthing provide your entire system with a deep sense of safety and security. When we feel safe, we can surrender to our innate processes without the intervention of our old stories, beliefs, habits, and armors.

Many of our common day ailments, especially those impacting the endocrine system (adrenal, thyroid, and reproductive issues), are due to inadequate grounding, a disconnection from the Earth, and lack of safety.

When we practice earthing and grounding, we create stability in our systems, and then adopt an objective, neutral, hawk-eyed perspective on our lives so magic can unfold. Because of these practices, we can see where we have adopted false, hurtful stories and how they contribute to dis-ease on our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

Attaining the benefits of grounding and earthing are that simple and that challenging and yet, there’s nothing more beautiful than taking full responsibility for your experience from an intentional, compassionate, stable place.

Earthing and Our Modern Society

Contrary to modern belief, our physical system is meant to be an integrative, collaborative unit encompassing our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual layers.

Unprocessed trauma, on any of these levels, impacts the whole self. Our being compensates with subconscious, habitual mechanisms to create the illusion of safety and groundedness.

Unprocessed trauma impacts the whole self.

Remember, no matter what, our being requires a sense of safety and stability, and will do anything to come back to that place. Our job as inhabitants of these bodies is to keep our coping mechanisms in check, and ensure we’re only operating from a place of grounded truth.

We must remove old patterns that only create the illusion of safety, rather than true peace and ease.

So how do we do this?

There are tons of visualizations and guided meditations and other resources that can be helpful – for me personally, and for many of my clients, the simplest practice yields the biggest shifts.

For example: with the addition of flower essences, a daily practice of laying on the ground (indoors or outdoors) can be life changing.

Interested in learning more about flower essences? Check out How to Use the Healing Power of Flower Essences to Reduce Stress

Try This Simple Grounding Practice

Find a safe and quiet space where you feel comfortable and won’t be disturbed. Lay on your back and set an intention of stillness, surrender, and rejuvenation. You can try laying on your stomach when you feel vulnerable, fearful, or especially tender. Whichever you choose, allow your entire body to come in contact with the ground.

When you’ve found the position you need, become completely present. Affirm to yourself silently or aloud (there’s power in hearing your own voice) that you are creating the time and space for your physical body to slow down and integrate, and to ground and transmute any unnecessary energy.

Feel every part of your body being held and cradled by the Earth beneath you – even if you’re indoors, the Earth is only a little way below the floor! In this safe space, gently coax your physical body to soften and return to its natural rhythms.

Feel the gentle undulations of breath, feel your unique heartbeat, and envision your cells vibrating in joy, health, and bliss.

Allow any challenging sensations, feelings, or images to flow through you and, if it’s helpful, imagine them draining into the Earth where they’ll be transmuted into more nourishing energies. I mean, c’mon, manure meets seeds and produces a bounty! The Earth can surely handle anything you’re carrying around.

Stay as long as you need and then gently return to your day or night. Journaling any experiences is always encouraged.

If you’re wondering how to make journaling a part of your daily routine, read this!

Incorporate Earthing Into Your Daily Life

You get all of this in exchange for simply walking around barefoot . . . and they’re simple, accessible, and free! I’ll take it! If being barefoot outdoors isn’t for you, or weather doesn’t permit, fear not. There are other ways to get the benefits of grounding and earthing into your life.

Earthing can result in improved sleep, reduced anxiety and depression, a happier nervous system, reduced inflammation, and much more! These two techniques can be some of the best medicines for us – especially in our modern world ruled by screens and sitting.

In this human experience of divine beings, we need to remember often to return to Nature. The Earth can heal our physical bodies and remind us of the divinity within. Grounding and earthing are two fantastic practices to adopt in your daily life to accomplish just that.

How do you incorporate earthing, grounding, and Nature into your life? What does “being grounded” mean to you? Please tell us in the comments – we love hearing from you!

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Devon Battaglia

Devon Ray Battaglia, MS, NC, RYT is a mentor and catalyst for sensitive, introverted beings desiring to reclaim themselves as the sovereign leaders of their lives through aligning with seasonal and cosmic flow, Earth wisdom, their inner spiral and inner triangle principles, and transmuting shame and trauma into purpose and freedom.

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