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Time Flies. Find Stillness and Grounding Through Seasonal Living (Here’s How)

Seasonal living honors the fact that everything in our world exists cyclically, with each phase giving way to the next in perfect harmony. We see this in the human lifecycle, moon phases, menstrual cycle, in a single day itself with sunrise and sunset, and of course in the four main seasons of spring, summer, fall, and winter.

These sacred cycles create the foundation for thriving life on our planet. Honoring rhythms within and around us is something humans have done for centuries, but the noise of our modern world tends to distract us from these flows.

There’s so much wisdom, healing, and guidance we can glean from intentionally plugging back into and recognizing these cycles and transitions into each season – this is called seasonal living.

Everything in our world exists cyclically, with each phase giving way to the next in perfect harmony.

Seasonal living is way more than eating watermelon in the summertime and wearing your favorite sweater in the winter. It is the art of aligning with and embracing the cycles of nature, rather than resisting them.

To truly live seasonally is the ultimate tool for intentional living and experiencing personal, professional, and spiritual evolution.

When we resist the natural rhythms of life, either consciously or subconsciously, we create dis-ease and disharmony on all levels of our being – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. We may feel lost, frustrated, depleted, or dull.

Imagine for a moment that the seasons didn’t exist . . .

The Earth isn’t meant to sustain 365 days of any one season. All living things require phases of conscious contraction and expansion, rest and activity, purging and building.

What Is Seasonal Living and What Are the Benefits?

To live seasonally is to consciously surrender to the inevitable changes within and around us on a moment-by-moment basis. Seasonal living is about allowing for those different periods without being attached to any one of them and trusting that there will be a return of all phases in due course.

If we slow down and open ourselves to the different rhythms and frequencies, we can recognize that each breath, day, lifetime, etc. has its own unique phases or “seasons.” Your inhale feels very differently than your exhale, for example. Sunrise feels very different than midday.

Seasonal living is the art of aligning with and embracing the cycles of nature, rather than resisting them.

In our modern world, we tend to celebrate “doing” and activity and resist stillness, introspection, and rest. It’s no coincidence that we also have increasing rates of mental illness, addictions, and other physical and emotional ailments, that our ancestors did not. We attempt to stay the same and resist flow and changes. Case in point: how many anti-aging ads have you seen today?

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The benefits of intentionally flowing with the seasons on a micro and macro level are broad and all-encompassing! Some benefits include improved physical health, reduced anxiety, improved moods, relief of chronic fatigue, deeper sense of connection to yourself and the Earth,

Each Season Carries Its Own Unique Energy

We know the four main seasons of spring, summer, autumn, and winter and each of these four seasons corresponds with the four parts of our breath cycle, the four parts of the menstrual cycle, or the four moon phases.

The energy of spring is like the inhale, the follicular phase, and the waxing moon. This is the energy of growth, quickening, and play.

The energy of summer is like the top of the inhale when you’re fully expanded with breath, ovulation, and the full moon. This is the energy of expression, fertility, and abundance.

The benefits of intentionally flowing with the seasons on a micro and macro level are broad and all-encompassing!

The energy of autumn is like the exhale, the luteal phase, and the waning moon. This is the energy of harvesting wisdom and reflection, deceleration, and gathering.

The energy of winter is like the bottom of the exhale when you’re completely empty, menstruation, and the new moon. This is the energy of depth, intuition, and rejuvenation.

Here Are 3 Ways You Can Incorporate Seasonal Living Into Your Lifestyle


1. Breath Practice

Spending some time in meditation with the following breath awareness practice is a beautiful way to feel the energies of the seasons within your body.

Begin by observing the four distinct parts of your breath: the inhale, top of the inhale, the exhale, and the bottom of the exhale. Feel the distinct qualities of each of these parts.

Select the one that corresponds with the current overarching season and pay extra attention to this part. Notice what you feel. What do you need at this time? What energetic qualities and invitations are present for you?

2. Have Seasonal Celebrations

Have a solo or group celebration at each of the seasonal changes. Set intentions, decorate a space in your house, feel into the energies and ask how they need to be applied to your life at that time.

For example, knowing the energy of autumn is about reflection and harvesting wisdom, how can that guide you throughout the season? You can practice 108 Sun Salutations to welcome the Winter and Summer Solstice, practice Moon Salutations on a full moon, or plant a new garden in springtime.

3. Track the Moon

Keep track of the moon phases and spend time daily with your journal taking note of any reflections or insights you experience.

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Notice the different energies when the phases of the moon are aligned with the main season of that time – a full moon in summer vs. a full moon in winter.

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Living Intentionally and With the Seasons

In a time when we’re all constantly seeking something and bombarded with information (and misinformation), it’s imperative to remember your own innate wisdom and to turn to it daily.

The practice of seasonal living is a tool to guide you back to yourself. Play with one of the aforementioned practices and watch the magic, vitality, and clarity unfold!

Have questions about seasonal living and living with intention? Practice seasonal celebrations or rituals that you’d like to share? Please do so in the comments below – we love hearing from you!

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Devon Battaglia

Devon Ray Battaglia, MS, NC, RYT is a mentor and catalyst for sensitive, introverted beings desiring to reclaim themselves as the sovereign leaders of their lives through aligning with seasonal and cosmic flow, Earth wisdom, their inner spiral and inner triangle principles, and transmuting shame and trauma into purpose and freedom.

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