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Harness the Unique Energy of Each Month’s Full Moon With This Moon Calendar and Full Moon Mantra Guide

The Algonquin tribes were the first to use the full moon to track the passing months. They used it as a primitive calendar, giving them distinct names that aided in scheduling timelines for hunting, planting, and harvesting. Today, modern yoga practitioners and moon lovers alike use moon mantras to experience connection with the moon.

A full moon occurs every 29 to 30 days when the moon reflects the sun’s rays from the opposite side of the Earth. As the only natural satellite of our planet, the full moon has a direct effect on Earth’s rhythm and energy. The moon’s gravity pulls at the Earth, causing tides in the oceans and other bodies of water. It’s also known to slow the Earth’s rotation.

As the only natural satellite of our planet, the full moon has a direct effect on Earth’s rhythm and energy.

To align the traditions of the Algonquin tribes to the life of a modern yoga practitioner, use these monthly healing moon mantras and suggested healing crystals to connect with and harness the energies of each full moon.

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Use These Full Moon Mantras and Healing Crystals to Harness the Unique Energy of the Month

Our infatuation with the full moon and other lunar phases began long ago. From ancient philosophers to native tribes to modern moon goddesses, our love for Bella Luna is universal. We are in awe of her glow, shining full and brilliantly with each passing month.

You can use these full moon mantras and suggested healing crystals to inspire your seasonal intentions, draw in the brilliant energy of the full moons and create your own modern moon calendar.

January – Wolf Moon

Also known as the Old Moon, it’s named after the wolves that howled at the full moon in hunger. The Wolf Moon can unleash your inner desires and nourish your soul. With this wild animal spirit, dare yourself to do something outside your comfort zone.

Wolf Moon Mantra: “When I nourish my divine self, my desires become reality”
Wolf Moon Healing Crystals: Citrine, Lapis Lazuli, Moonstone.

February – Snow Moon

The heaviest snow was known to fall in the month of February. Snow represents serenity, purity, and silence. Use the energy of the Snow Moon to slow down and find stillness. This is a time to recharge. Spend extra time in Savasana, take meditation classes, and breathe deeper.

Snow Moon Mantra: “When I allow myself to be still, I am at peace”
Snow Moon Healing Crystals: Angelite, Snow Quartz, Selenite

March – Worm Moon

The Worm Moon is a time when the ground begins to thaw and soften, causing earthworms to re-appear and birds to re-emerge from their nests. The energy of the Worm Moon is all about renewal. This is the time to revitalize the mind, body and soul and is the perfect time to start a healthy new habit.

Worm Moon Mantra: “When I am open to the flow of life, my potential is limitless”
Worm Moon Healing Crystals: Green quartz, Moldavite

April – Full Pink Moon

The Pink Moon was named after a flower called the phlox, known as pink moss. It’s symbolic of rebirth, as plants start to bloom and fish return to the thawed-out streams. Use the energy of the Pink Moon to allow new ideas to take root and blossom. This is a time to allow your spirit to bloom.

Pink Moon Mantra: “When I allow myself to stand in my truth, my soul blossoms”
Pink Moon Healing Crystals: Rose quartz, Rhodonite, Rubellite

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May – Full Flower Moon

The Flower Moon represents the abundance of flowers, trees, and plants. The Flower Moon is the perfect time to manifest abundance. Open yourself up to receive the messages from your surroundings to attract what you most desire. Spending time in nature can often boost manifestations. Spend lots of time outdoors, and smell the flowers.

Flower Moon Mantra: “When I stay open and in the flow, I attract abundance”
Flower Moon Healing Crystals: Ruby, Amber, Garnet


June – Full Strawberry Moon

The Strawberry Moon was used by tribes as a signal to gather ripening fruit. It’s also called the minimoon because it’s at the furthest point from Earth, which makes it look slightly smaller than usual. Bringing about sweet and fruitful energy, this is the perfect time to indulge. Give yourself permission to honor your mind, body, and soul.

Strawberry Moon Mantra: “When I allow myself to indulge, my mind, body, and soul thrive”
Strawberry Moon Healing Crystals: Moonstone, Flourite, Zoisite

July – Full Buck Moon

The Buck Moon was named after the deer species that roam the plains. At this same time each year, buck’s antlers are fully grown. Just like bucks grow into their statuesque beauty, emulate the forces of nature to allow yourself to grow to your full potential. Sing, dance, take an art class. Channel creative energy to realign your power.

Buck Moon Mantra: “When I allow myself to believe in my power, I create powerful energy”
Buck Moon Healing Crystals: Black Onyx, Hematite, Smokey Quartz

August – Full Sturgeon Moon

This was a time for tribes to feast and appreciate the harvests pulled from the Earth. Take this time to focus on your health. In order to create bountiful energy, we need to be in touch with the areas of our life where we feel strongest, as well as identify the parts of our lives where we need to pay more attention to.

Sturgeon Moon Mantra: “When I am in touch with the energy within me, I create my strongest self”
Sturgeon Moon Healing Crystals: Agate, Citrine, Malachite

September – Full Corn Moon

The Corn Moon was named after the corn harvest. This bright, golden-hued globe shines when the full moon is nearest to the Earth and marks the autumnal equinox. This is the perfect time to focus on a ritual. Create a sacred time for yourself to manifest self-love and gratitude. If you do not practice a specific ritual, you can find one here.

Corn Moon Mantra: “When I am grateful, I love myself”
Corn Moon Healing Crystals: Sunstone, Magnetite, Tiger’s Eye
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October – Full Hunter’s Moon

Tribes harvested the last of the Fall crops, and hunted game in preparation for the long winter ahead. This is a time to travel inward and create security, as you prepare for the change of seasons. A bit of solitude would do a lot of good at this time. Spend some time walking outdoors, sipping tea in silence, or meditating. Restore your energy and feel grounded.

Hunter’s Moon Mantra: “In solitude, I am able restore and recharge”
Hunter’s Moon Healing Crystals: Bloodstone, Celestite, Turquoise

November – Full Beaver Moon

November was the time that tribes set beaver traps. This is a time to cultivate warmth, which is the temperature of kindness. As the temperatures drop, focus on cultivating warmth in all aspects of your life. Invite a friend over for dinner, sip on some hot cocoa, or complete a random act of kindness.

Beaver Moon Mantra: “I am flooded in the warmth of divine light”
Beaver Moon Healing Crystals: Amber, Opal, Red Jasper

December – Full Cold Moon

The Cold Moon is symbolic of winter when the nights become cold, long and dark. Take time to rest. The holidays can be overwhelming, so it’s important to take care of our bodies and our spirits. When attending holiday events, make sure to step away and take in the magic of the moment. Savor it, and appreciate the abundance of love your life has to offer.

Cold Moon Mantra: “When I take time to appreciate my life, I realize my life is full of magic”
Cold Moon Healing Crystals: Crystal Quartz, Selenite, Moonstone

The Moon and Her Energy: The Takeaway on Full Moon Mantras

The unique energy of each full moon can drastically affect your relationship to yourself, others, and the world around you. When you learn how to harness this energy with full moon mantras and how each full moon works, you can invite balance and centeredness into your life.

The moon goes even beyond the physical world to symbolically influence art, literature, and culture. It’s the compass that beings have used for centuries to mark their place in space and time.

Practice these full moon mantras with the suggested healing crystals throughout the year and harness the moon’s incredible power!

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