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Manifest Your Dreams With a New Moon Ritual – Here’s Your Step-by-Step Guide

The new moon represents new beginnings. It’s a time to set intentions, plant seeds, start fresh, and make wishes. With this new moon ritual, you’ll make a wish on the night of the new moon cycle, and honor the moon’s powerful energy.

A regular new moon ritual will help you commit to, and achieve, your dreams and goals. This ritual is best when paired with the new moon because of its transformative energy and the representation of release.

Remember: the moon phases affect us all in different ways. Read Moon Phases, Their Meanings, and How They Impact You.

Your Step-by-Step Guide to a New Moon Ritual

Follow this step-by-step guide and you’ll have a kicka** new moon ritual in no time!

What You’ll Need:

  • 1 sheet of blank paper
  • 1 metallic silver pen or marker (the color silver represents the moon)
  • 1 blue pen (blue represents truth)
  • 1 Phantom quartz crystal point (this crystal is symbolic of phases and the circle of life)
  • 4 Lemurian seed crystals (represents planting of seeds, wishes, and dreams)
  • 1 small clear quartz crystal (to activate the crystal grid)
  • 1 sage stick
  • 1 feather
  • 1 abalone shell, or a fireproof bowl to catch the ashes from the sage stick.

A crystal grid is an arrangement of crystals placed in a sacred geometric pattern. When the crystals are connected to one another, the master crystal will amplify the vibrations of all the crystals. This can cause the crystals’ metaphysical properties to be more intensely felt.

Step 1: Cleanse Your Space

Before you start placing the crystals, sage your space, and cleanse your crystals.

Step 2: Gather Your Supplies

On the night of the new moon, gather your piece of paper, silver pen, blue pen, and crystals. If the weather allows, find a comfortable place outside to sit. In the case of inclement weather, sit inside by a window. The energy of the moon is powerful, and can permeate through windows and walls.

Step 3: Write Your Wishes

Draw a large circle on the piece of paper with your silver marker . . . make sure it’s large enough for you to write inside it. Then, with your blue pen, write up to 10 wishes within the boundary of the circle. With 10 or fewer wishes, you can really focus your energy on each one. Finally, sign and date the bottom of the paper.


Step 4: Acknowledgement

Say “Thank You” aloud three times to acknowledge that your wishes already exist in the Universe. Then, fold the piece of paper with your wishes on it in half once, and then in half again. Find a place where you can place the paper undisturbed for the full moon cycle (which is 28 days).

Step 5: Activate Your Crystals

Place the phantom quartz point in the center of the folded paper. Place the four pieces of lemurian seed crystals around the quartz at the four cardinal directions: north, south, east, and west.
To activate the crystal grid, take the clear quartz crystal and draw an imaginary line starting with one of the lemurian seeds and connect it to the phantom quartz, and then go to another lemurian seed and connect that to the phantom quartz. Continue until all crystals are linked to the master crystal (in this grid, it is the phantom quartz).
It’s important to link the crystals so the master crystal’s vibrations can be amplified.

Step 6: Manifestation and Reflection

On the night before the next new moon, remove the crystals, and open the folded piece of paper. Take a moment here to reflect about the previous moon cycle, and see which wishes have manifested and which ones need more time to take root.
For the wishes that need more time, be sure to include them in your next new moon ritual. In preparation for the next cycle, cleanse your crystals and your space before you repeat the ritual on the next new moon.

New Moon Rituals: The Takeaway

The new moon is a wonderful time to start fresh, make wishes, set intentions, and plant seeds. Channeling the moon’s powerful energy, we can manifest our sincerest dreams and wishes.
Always remember to write down your intentions to help you activate that which you seek to manifest. This new moon ritual is a great tool to help you manifest your intentions, and also to start fresh for the new moon cycle.

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Courtney Reed

Courtney is a yoga teacher and forever student. She teaches how to find peace through yoga. When she is not practicing or teaching yoga she is either working with crystals, hoop dancing, or reading a book.

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