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Welcome to Eclipse Season! Try This Eclipse Ritual to Level Up Your Soul and Manifest Your Dreams

Welcome to eclipse season. The first solar eclipse took place on Friday, July 13. Generally, eclipses only occur in doubles, but we are lucky this summer and have the pleasure of experiencing three consecutive eclipses.

The first was a partial solar eclipse (new moon) on July 13 in Cancer (this is universal time, meaning it’ll be on July 12th in the Americas). Then, a total lunar eclipse (full moon) occurs on July 27 in Aquarius, and finally on August 11 we’ll enjoy another solar eclipse in Leo.

Eclipses in general are an opportunity for us to uncover what has been eclipsed, or shadowed, in our souls.

What has been holding you back? Have you felt stuck or completely unmotivated? Are you keeping some of your brilliance and shine from yourself and the world?

Now is the time to level up your soul by uncovering your deepest truths and intentions and allowing them to shine in the light of the sun!

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Note, this article is from 2018. Read on to understand everything you need to know about eclipses and new moons, and be sure to check out our latest article: 2023 Eclipse Season Is Coming: Here’s How It Will Impact Your Life

Everything You Need to Know About Lunar and Solar Eclipses and New Moons

This eclipse season we are also called to discover and embody our life purpose. We’ve done the work, made the sacrifices and adjustments, and now we are ready to shine with every ounce of authenticity and self-acceptance that lives within us.

This is a truly beautiful time to be alive and be in connection with your highest truth.

Over the next month, until the final eclipse on August 11, we will be able to access more of our truth as we expand and contract into a more aligned and authentic existence.

Think of it as a catch and release scenario where you’re catching (becoming aware of) your fears and releasing them from your life. But do not be afraid, soul explorer, because you are being divinely guided and this is not a period to fear, but a period to celebrate!

You can do this. It is time.

How can you discover your life purpose or embody it more if you are already on your path? Let’s dive in with an eclipse ritual that is sure to dust off the windows of your soul!

New to manifesting with the moon? Read this: How to Harness the Moon’s Energy with Moon Rituals

Overall, new moons are a time to plant new seeds, wipe the slate clean, and lay a foundation to support your intentions and manifestations. The dark moon calls us to start anew and allow seasons of the soul to come to a close.

Eclipses are an opportunity for us to uncover what has been eclipsed, or shadowed, in our souls.

This new moon in the zodiac sign of Cancer, coupled with the eclipse occurring on Friday the 13th, has us feeling major feels and feminine vibes.

13 is the number of the divine feminine and Cancer is ruled by the moon, so let those feels flow and wash over you with this powerful ritual that will carry you through eclipse season.

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Here’s How to Start Your New Moon and Eclipse Ritual

With all the feels swirling around inside of us, we’ve got to give them an escape route – an outlet of expression. This could be journaling, recording a voice note of yourself talking through everything, or sitting with a bestie and holding space for each other to share.

New to journaling or just never been able to get into it? Read this: Why You Need a Mindful Journaling Practice & Tips to Get You Started

Pause here and take the time you need to reflect on any feelings you’re currently experiencing. The key here is release. You’ll need a clean slate to manifest the sh*t out of your dreams, so let it go!

Ok, now that you’ve laughed, cried, screamed, and maybe even thrown some things around the house, take a deep breath into the new emotional body you’ve created.

Feel the openness and the potential of what you will intentionally fill that space with. The keyword here is intention.


Now You’re Ready to Design Your Life By Setting Intentions to Manifest Your Dreams

You may have heard of setting intentions to manifest your desires, and while the practice is simple that absolutely does not mean it will necessarily be easy. Oh the joys of personal growth, am I right?

So here’s what you’re going to do:
Before you write anything down to manifest, I encourage you to shine light on what has been eclipsed within you by clearing out some old patterns and beliefs with these journal prompts (which can also be spoken aloud to yourself or a friend if you don’t want to journal):

  • At this time, what do I feel I am most held back by?
  • How can I more embody my passions and desires?
  • What is my life purpose and what am I here to transmute/overcome?
  • How am I using my energy? Is it efficient or are there leaks that need to be patched?
  • What do I most want to develop/grow/create right now?

Now you can dive in by either speaking or writing to the universe what you wish to manifest with clear intention.

Other Important Details You Need to Know About This Eclipse Ritual

Be very mindful of what you speak or write. Words cast spells – that’s why it’s called spelling.

This eclipse ritual can be done throughout eclipse season during each lunar and solar eclipse.

This can also be done on any new moon and, truly, at any time you feel like you need to get clear on something. Like the moon, we all go through phases and having this simple but powerful ritual in your spiritual toolkit is massively helpful.

Looking for a guided tool to jump start change in your life? Check out Learn. Grow. Shift. 30 Days of Personal Growth – an approachable, enjoyable and effective tool for personal growth with 30 days of learning, growing and shifting in all areas of your life.

Have Fun As You Co-Create With the Universe

You are the designer of your life, but you are not (and are never) doing it alone.

The universe always has your back, and along with your clear intention and heartfelt desires, together you create the life that is most in alignment with your purpose and passion. So have fun in the process of becoming and don’t be too hard on yourself.

We tend to give others the love and praise they need when they need it, but don’t forget to sprinkle some of that on yourself too.

We are here to slip and slide and climb and conquer. We cannot expand unless we contract, and this cycle is for a lifetime. But when you’re armed with the right tools and mindset, you truly can be incredibly and wildly victorious. You are so loved!

Want to share your eclipse ritual experience with us? Have questions or other practices you use to navigate these galactic occurrences? Keep the conversation going and feel free to share in the comments below – we love hearing from you!

Learn more about eclipses and gauge how far you’ve come since 2017’s Great American Eclipse: How Are You Feeling After the Solar Eclipse? Here’s How to Channel the Energy

Featured Image: @limitlessyogisoul

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Morgan Garza

Morgan is a modern mystic in every sense of the word. As a published author of the book Soul Magic, she lives by the ancient wisdom she teaches about in her book and in workshops around the world. In addition to being an author and teacher, Morgan is also an entrepreneur and community leader. Her mission is to empower you to become your own guru.

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