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3 Magical Practices for the March 2022 Full Moon In Virgo

The March 2022 full moon in Virgo is all about making practical magic. As we come to the end of watery Pisces season, full of magical dreams and mysticism, we are met with a full moon on the opposite side of the zodiac wheel.

This particular full moon is the last of the astrological year, making it even more potent than most.

With the moon in practical Virgo, and the sun in mystical Pisces, you are being encouraged to bring magic to the mundane and release any tendencies for perfectionism. Easier said than done, sure. But the cosmos are working in your favor and it’s time to make space for what’s to come.


Virgo Full Moon: What You Need to Know

The Virgo full moon is exact at 3:17 a.m. ET/12:17 a.m. PT on Friday, March 18. This is just 2 days before the spring equinox and Aries season! While you may be excited to step into the light and bask in your self-created glow, there are still lessons to be learned in the ethereal darkness of Pisces season.

Astrology allows you to move through expansion and contraction in an organic and natural flow. Ever the support system, the ancient wisdom of astrology is more alive in our modern lives than ever. With this influence, we can begin to work with the ebbs and flows and better understand ourselves and others.

Full moons are a time of surrender and release. They are an exhale, where new moons are an inhale of new life and energy.

With the sun in Pisces, this is a season of contraction and exploring the depths of your inner world. A romantic, ethereal, and dreamy sign, Pisces season encourages you to dive within and dance in your darkness.

When the sun is in Pisces and the moon is in Virgo, as we are experiencing with this full moon, you feel the necessity and beauty of duality and polarity.

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Full moons are a time of surrender and release. They are an exhale, where new moons are an inhale of new life and energy. This particular full moon is the last of the astrological year, making it even more potent than most.

Beginning with Aries season at the vernal equinox in March, the astrological calendar progresses forward, through expansion and contraction, to Pisces season. The start of a new astrological year is always filled with light, energy, and forward movement.

How to Work with the 2022 Virgo Full Moon

This potent moon is inviting you to release attachment, reflect on the past 12 months, and carry the lessons of the darkness with you into the light.

With this moon marking the end of the astrological year, it’s a perfect time to tie up loose ends, cross those lingering items off your to-do list, and reflect on how far you’ve come in the past year. Bring both the lessons of the darkness and the light with you.


3 Ways to Celebrate the March Full Moon In Virgo

Virgo loves attention to detail, lists, and structure. Pisces thrives in the ethereal realm with boundless magic and dreamy intentions. To bridge the gap between these two worlds, you can make the mundane magical!

1. Make Moon Water

This simple practice makes the mundane act of drinking water magical! Grab a glass, jar, or glass bottle of water and fill it with filtered water.

Hold it in your hands and place an intention into the water. The molecules of the water will respond to your energy. Then, place the water outside (be sure to cover it with a lid) or on a windowsill inside on the night of the full moon.

The water will absorb the moonlight and become infused with the Virgo full moon energy. The next morning, drink the water as you recall your intention. You can drink it all at once, throughout the day, or over the next few days.

2. Charge Your Crystals

Crystals are one of the most magical creations of Mother Earth. While your crystals will always carry the same frequency, it’s important to cleanse and charge them from time to time. Just as you brush your teeth and change the oil in your car, your crystal babies need maintenance too!

Place your crystals outside on the night of the full moon and allow them to bask in her ethereal glow. The light of the moon will clear out any previous intentions you placed and get them ready to make new magic with. Place your full moon charged crystals around your house, on your desk, in your car, or even in your bra!

Learn about the different types of crystals here: The Ultimate Crystal Healing Guide: 20 Powerful Crystals and Their Healing Properties

3. Reflect and Release

The Virgo moon will love this practical exercise. The moon works in cycles, just like you! And when you experience a full moon in a certain sign, it’s always helpful to think back to the last full moon the previous year.

For example, think about what was happening in your life in March of 2021. Make a list of all the things you’re ready to let go, month by month. When you get to March 2022, reflect on how far you’ve come and on how much your life has changed.

Even if the changes are subtle, you are always evolving. When you look back at how far you’ve come, and release along with the reflection, you are making space for the new to come in! You’re also becoming aware of just how much can happen in a year.

The March 2022 Full Moon Asks You to Make the Mundane Magical

The Virgo full moon is a fertile ground for making space for what’s to come. And with the close angle to Pluto (the planet of rebirth) in Capricorn (the planet of working hard), you are being supported to do “the work” and design your life to your liking.

While manifesting with the new moon is a powerful practice, we also need to release with the full moon to make space to receive. And the cosmic weather is creating an ideal environment to do just that.

As you celebrate the March 2022 full moon, keep the idea of duality in your mind. You can be BOTH practical AND magical in your daily life and actions. Prepare for the return of the light with the vernal or Spring equinox next week by looking within and making space for what’s to come. You are a boundless being!

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