8 Astrology Podcasts That Should Be On Every Astro Lover’s Radar

Whether you know nothing about astrology or already have knowledge and experience with this wonderful science, listening to astrology podcasts is a useful addition to your well-being practices.

Astrology is a powerful tool to understanding who you are and how you relate to others and the world – and these powerful podcasts can help you make astrology your number one weapon for fighting through the ups and downs of life!

But perhaps our favorite astrology resource is the Chani Nicholas app.


Here Are 8 Astrology Podcasts We Can’t Get Enough Of:

Check out these awesome astrology-based podcasts and let us know which one you like best!

1. Mary English Astrologer Blog

The Mary English Astrologer Blog offers an in-depth study of astrology, while acknowledging that it is a complicated science. If you want to learn about astrology, but maybe feel a bit overwhelmed or don’t really know where to start, then you need to add this one to your queue.

To begin your learning – and understand what on earth astrology actually is (see what I did there?!) – Mary recommends that you listen to podcast episodes one through 20 and then come back to the latest ones. (If you’re a fan of royalty, don’t miss out on episode 15 . . . you’ll learn about the 12 houses using the birth chart of Queen Elizabeth I!)

2. Bridging Realities: An Accessible Astrology Podcast

Eugenia Krok’s podcast manages to link daily struggles and worldly preoccupations to the sky and the planets in a beautifully soft way – so you can make use of the wisdom of the stars to feel more confident and empowered in your life. Sit down in your quiet space, make this time special, and let Eugenia guide you through reflections on your life choices, career, doubts, and intuition.

3. Alchemy with Ambi

Ambi Kavanagh usually correlates her podcast episodes to the moon calendar. Every new and full moon is the perfect time to discuss a 21st century issue. If you already have new and full moon rituals, then you’ll love to hear more in-depth discussions on the topics brought by each important lunar phase.

New and full moons are excellent opportunities to look at our own relationships with money, how we communicate, and how we set boundaries. Use Ambi’s knowledge to go deeper into what you want more of and what you want to get rid of each month.

4. Soulshine Cosmic Career Astrology

Feeling a bit lost career-wise and wondering if you’ve found your calling and life purpose? If you’re asking yourself these big questions, then Nathalie Walstein’s podcast can certainly help.

She tells us how we can use the energy of the planets to reach our goals and get our creative juices flowing in tune with the moon phases. All of you creative and spiritual entrepreneurs will love this one!


5. Anne Ortelee Weekly Weather Astrology

As its name indicates, every Saturday, Anne Ortelee’s podcast shares the evolution of the sky, stars, and planets for the following week so you can use the information to make the most of your week.

Have a big meeting coming up? Going on a holiday? Getting married, giving birth, changing careers? Anne will help you understand the energy of the skies to welcome both the big (and small) events of your life.

6. The Astrology Podcast

Chris Brennan is the astrologer behind the mic on The Astrology Podcast. Sometimes he’s on his own and sometimes he’s joined by fellow astrology experts to discuss astrological matters from differing perspectives.

Whether you’re looking for an in-depth forecast of the coming month, to have your questions answered, or for the most informative discussion on retrogrades, you will find what you need in this podcast.

7. Self Service Podcast

This podcast is hosted by Jerico Mandybur and although she doesn’t always talk about astrology, you can learn about being a young astrologer and how to effectively use crystals.

The host is often joined by spiritual guides and wellness entrepreneurs so you can hear about topics related – in one way or another – to astrology. The astrology piece at the end of each episode by Jessica Lanyadoo is not to be missed for extra meaning from the stars!

8. Exploring Astrology with Adam Sommer

Adam’s voice is just as captivating as his choice of words to explain astrological phenomenons. Covering retrogrades, the meaning of Venus as a star, Jupiter cycles, or what Chiron represents, he shares yet another point of view of the wonders of the sky.

As its name indicates, each episode from this podcast is about exploring and uncovering terrestrial meaning hidden behind the planets.

Additional Astrology Podcast Episodes Worth Listening To:

We just couldn’t leave these other astrology goodies out of the list! Here are a few more worth adding to your queue.

Yoga Girl’s From the Heart Episode with Debra Silverman

This special episode is a whole-hearted conversation between Rachel Brathen and Debra Silverman about birth charts, how to interpret them, and understanding how your birth chart manifests in your daily life, activities, and overall personality.

Love @Yoga_Girl’s work? Check out @Yoga_Girl Rachel Brathen Launches Social Mission for Safe Drinking Water

Wine and Shine Podcast Interview with Psychic Chris Medina

If you want an introduction to what a psychic medium’s life might look like while feeling as if you’re sitting down at your favorite coffee shop with friends, then this podcast is for you.

You can count on hosts Nina and Liz to make the conversation light and authentic while speaking of matters that elicit goosebumps with psychic Chris Medina.

Now Your Astrology Podcasts Queue Is Loaded Up!

Whether you need an entertaining episode to pop in your ears for your daily commute or resources to enhance your self-study quiet time, this list should give you plenty of material to choose from.

Don’t feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of astrology – take your time to listen to and process all the information, add a little meditation in between episodes, and get ready for some mind-blowing self-realization and extra aligned decision-making!

Astrology acts as a guide and also weather forecast for the days and months ahead. It can be a powerful tool and supporting guide to your own intuition. Just remember that when it comes to astrology, nothing is absolute and your free will always plays a role.

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