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Use Crystal Grids for Manifestation, Protection, and Chakra Balancing (Here’s How)

Crystals have soared in popularity over the past few years – and for good reason! They are gorgeous and carry innate energy and wisdom from our Mother Earth.

There are endless ways you can use the powerful energetic frequencies that crystals hold, but one of my favorite ways is through gridding.

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So, What Are Crystal Grids?

Crystal grids are a really fun way to get creative and connect with your crystal babies – not to mention reap the benefits of whatever intention you might be putting into them!

They use the combination of the crystals’ energetic properties along with sacred geometry, which, as Judy Hall notes in her Crystal Grids Handbook, “is the archetypal structure of life – the form in which creation organizes itself, and the foundation on which the entire natural world is built.”

Every grid requires a specific purpose and intention behind it, whether you are creating it to help find a new job or to protect a new home.

From a simple circle to a spiral to a figure 8, any shape you use for a crystal grid carries inherent purpose and meaning. Crystal Grids: How and Why They Work is another great resource to learn more about the power of these grids.

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Here Are 3 Pointers for Building Your Crystal Grid:

crystal 2

As you can imagine, you can get really deep and specific with various shapes, colors and types of crystals that you use in grid-work, and that can get overwhelming so let’s keep it simple, keeping a few things in mind:

1. Hone In on Your Intention

There is no manifestation without a clear intention. Every grid requires a specific purpose and intention behind it, whether you are creating it to help find a new job or to protect a new home.

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Keep your intention and desired outcome at the top of mind as you create your grids, perhaps repeating a positive affirmation with each stone you place.

2. Use Your Intuition

Putting together a crystal grid is a wonderful opportunity to tap into your intuition to guide what shape to use, where to put it and which crystals to utilize.

Since there aren’t any set rules for how long a crystal grid needs to be in place, use your intuition to recognize when it’s time to take it down – which can be minutes, days or even years depending on its purpose!

3. Don’t Get Too Caught Up in the Details!

Use this time to be creative. While I’m sure it’s nice to have hundreds of crystals in your collection and all types of different grid templates to choose from, neither are necessary. All you really need are a couple of crystals that you feel resonate with your intention and you are good to go!

Here Are 3 Powerful Ways to Utilize the Magic of Crystal Grids:

While there are endless possibilities and situations that can call for a grid, there are three main reasons I suggest creating one.

1. Manifesting

This is probably the most common reason people create a grid. The intention behind this type of grid-work is especially important and you can even utilize written affirmations or photos that you can place underneath the center stone (traditionally, the center stone is the largest and most potent one in the grid).

To create a grid for manifestation, write down your intention with positive affirmations, desires or healing outcomes that you are hoping for.

If it’s for a new job, write down things like salary, job location/commute time, role, etc. If it’s for healing a specific physical or emotional wound, write down the feelings you will have as if the healing has already taken place.

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Once you have your clear intention in mind, gather the stones that you want to utilize in the grid. There are specific energetic frequencies generally associated with various crystals, but none of these are rules – they are guidelines that you can use to help direct you in choosing them.

For the new job, for example, you can use stones associated with money, good fortune, prosperity and stability like pyrite, citrine, aventurine, and smokey quartz.

Choose a location in your home that feels right and that will allow for the grid to be undisturbed by movements/pets/etc.

Take the largest stone you have that resonates most with your intention, and place that in the center of the grid.

Putting together a crystal grid is a wonderful opportunity to tap into your intuition to guide what shape to use, where to put it and which crystals to utilize.

Place the other stones around it, organizing them in the sacred geometric shape of your choosing – making it as complex or simple as you like. Include small clear quartz points and fresh or dried flowers for an added touch of beauty!

The last step is activating the grid with a quartz point. Take some time to meditate with the grid and call your intentions and affirmations in mind. Then use the activation crystal point to outline the grid as if you are connecting the dots – energetically connecting each stone in the grid with each other and creating a vortex of energy.

You can activate the grid whenever you feel like you want to give your manifestation a little extra energy and take down the grid whenever the time is right: the healing outcome is achieved, you get the job offer, etc.

2. Protection

Creating a grid around your home can be a great way to add an extra layer of energetic protection around yourself, whether you live in a shared space and want to protect a specific room or if you want to protect an entire home.

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While of course there are a number of different types of crystals you can use for this, my two favorites are selenite (cleansing and purification) and tourmaline (grounding and protection). Tourmaline, specifically, is known for transmuting/neutralizing energy and lowering risks from electromagnetic frequencies in the environment.

To create a protective grid inside your home, start by cleaning and cleansing the space you want to protect by opening the windows and burning sage or palo santo around the perimeter.

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Then place tourmaline stones in each corner of the space, and a piece of selenite and an additional tourmaline at the doorway or entrance to act as energetic bodyguards.

For a little extra reinforcement, you can couple the tourmaline with some small clear quartz points with the points facing away from the wall, sealing the energy inside the room.

Creating a grid around your home can be a great way to add an extra layer of energetic protection around yourself.

Similarly, you can place (or bury if you prefer) tourmaline stones in the corners of the exterior of your property, putting both a selenite and tourmaline piece at each doorway of your home.

Throughout the process of placing the stones, keep your intention at top of mind and visualize them creating an energetic protective shield around your area.

3. Balancing the Chakras

One thing I love to do to level up my morning meditation and for my clients is create a crystal grid along the seven main Chakras directly on the body.

crystal 1

To keep the rabbithole of crystal options at bay, just correlate each of the seven Chakras to the colors of the rainbow:

  • Starting with red or black for the Root Chakra (base of the spine or hip points)
  • Orange for the Sacral Chakra (an inch or two below the belly button)
  • Yellow for the Solar Plexus (an inch or two above the belly button)
  • Green or pink for the Heart Chakra (the base of the breast bone)
  • Blue for the Throat Chakra (at the center of the neck)
  • Indigo for the Third Eye Chakra (center of the forehead)
  • Finishing with purple or clear for the Crown Chakra (top of the head)

Since it can be difficult to lay all of the seven stones on yourself, you can always simplify by focusing on any specific areas of your energetic or physical body that need the most attention and place the crystal(s) there.

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This practice also allows for the opportunity to be still, focus on a positive healing outcome, relax and meditate. There’s no set rule for how long you need to lay in position with the crystals in place, so just use your intuition to know when it’s time to move.

Use Your Crystal Grid to Ignite Magic In Your Life

Whether you’re a seasoned crystal worker, or are just starting out with your collection, gridding is an amazing way to use them for a higher purpose than just their natural beauty.

Feel free to take your time with the process by meditating on and journaling about your desired outcomes as well as the various shapes, crystals and affirmations to see what resonates.

You really can’t go wrong with positive intentions, so hopefully you’ve found some inspiration from these ideas and can use the power of crystals to help create a little more magic in your world!

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Kayce Laine

Kayce Laine is a Certified Crystal, Reiki and Sound Practitioner based in Nashville, TN. In addition to her energy healing work, she works as an Associate Teacher for the International Sound Healing Academy. She is also co-founder of Gold Sky Music, a music production company and recently released an 8-track indie pop record.

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