How to Make a Crystal Grid and Why You Should!

Crystal grids have been used for thousands of years. Crystal grids are used to make a group of crystals vibrate higher so their metaphysical properties are magnified.
Using crystal grids in your spiritual practice has many benefits – including deepening your meditation practice, cleansing your space, manifesting, and raising the vibration of your home.
Whether you are slightly familiar with crystals, use them every day, or have never even touched one, making a crystal grid is a fun, fulfilling, and meditative practice that can help you vibe high, connect deeply, and tap into your divine nature.
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What are Crystal Grids?

Crystal grids are a group of crystals that have been arranged in a high vibrational geometric pattern. Sacred geometry patterns are believed to aid in magnifying the vibrations of the crystals – increasing their collection vibration and creating a potent force to make practical magic.
However, many people choose to make an ‘intuitive grid’ in any desired shape. The choice is yours to make, and the intention you place on the pattern and the crystals you’ve included is what’s most important.

How to Make Your Own Crystal Grid

Now that we’ve learned a bit about what crystal grids are, you’re ready to dive in and make your very own! Follow these simple steps to create your own crystal grid:

1. Find a space for your crystal grid that won’t be disturbed


2. Place your crystals on the grid

This is where your creativity and intuition come into play! Follow your intuition for placement of the crystals you’ve chosen to use. For the center crystal – also called the master crystal – it’s better to use a higher vibrational crystal like a quartz cluster. More on this in the next section

3. Wands out!

Once all the crystals are placed on the grid, use a selenite wand to connect each outer crystal to the master crystal, and gently place the wand on the outer edge of the grid

4. Cleanse the space

Sage the space to cleanse the energy and place your intention on the completed crystal grid
Congratulations – you made your first crystal grid! At any time if you feel the grid needs to be charged up you can simply reactivate it by cleansing the crystals.
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Top 10 Most Common Crystals for a Crystal Grid

While you can use any crystals that you choose, there are certain crystals that are commonly used for crystal grids for their specific properties. You can learn about the ten most popular crystals, along with their main properties, below:

1. Quartz:

This stone amplifies the energy and effects of other crystals, neutralizes negative energy, enhances psychic abilities, and helps to align the chakras

2. Selenite:

The main properties of this stone are serenity, purification, peace, universal consciousness, spirituality, psychic development, and forgiveness. This is the only crystal that doesn’t not need to be charged and it can be used to charge, cleanse, and activate other crystals

3. Rose Quartz:

Rose Quartz is the universal love stone. It helps with trust, unconditional love, self-love, peace, calming, comfort in times of grief, self-forgiveness, and encourages feelings of self-worth

4. Amethyst:

A very powerful protective stone, Amethyst guards against psychic attack, relieves stress, helps mood swings, dispels anger, activates spiritual awareness, and opens intuition

5. Black Tourmaline:

Another protective stone, Black Tourmaline blocks and repels negative and psychic attacks, neutralizes one’s own negative thoughts into positive energy, helps to ground, self-confidence, and creates a clearer objective view of the world

6. Blue Amazonite:

The main properties of this stone are armony, balance, courage and honesty. This stone also helps to align the chakras, and balances Shiva and Shakti energy

7. Moonstone:

Happiness, nurturing, unselfishness, love, hope, spiritual insight, abundance, and collective consciousness are all properties that Moonstone is known for

8. Malachite:

Use Malachite for protection, peace, leadership, wisdom, balance, and positive transformation

9. Citrine:

Turn to Citrine to cultivate happiness, prosperity, generosity, creativity, protection, strength, confidence, energy, success, truth, and spiritual growth

10. Jasper:

Reduce stress, balance yin and yang, cleanse your energy, and stimulate your imagination with Jasper

How You Can Benefit from Crystal Grids

Crystal grids are a stellar way to deepen your meditation practice and strengthen your insight and intuition. Before you meditate, set up your crystal grid and activate it by setting your intention on the grid and inviting the crystals to join forces.
Smoke is a very cleansing element, and you can cleanse the grid with sage, palo santo, sandalwood, or sweetgrass. During your meditation, the grid will help you transcend to a higher vibrational frequency.

Cleanse + Charge a Sacred Space

Another wonderful way to absorb the benefits of crystal grids is to set up a grid close to your yoga or meditation space – or even in your office to keep the vibes high and your work flow flowing.
Crystals have different metaphysical properties so by using the crystals that resonate with you and align with your intention, you can raise your vibration.
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Connect with Your Intuition

Crystal grids have an amazing potential to help you connect and align with your intuition. By following your intuition to choose crystals that align with your intention, you can begin to make the connection between the head and the heart. Taking action in alignment with your intuition will help you expand, deepen, and amplify your connection to your natural intuitive abilities.

Shift Your Energy with a Crystal Grid

Using a crystal grid in conjunction with other spiritual practices is powerful – and making one is a fun ritual that you can do alone, with a loved one, or in a group setting like a yoga class or meditation circle.
Follow your intuition and embrace whatever comes out. There is no “right and wrong” way to do it as long as you come from an authentic place and respect the process.

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