Practice These 3 Mudras to Powerfully Connect to Your Heart

Mudras, particularly Heart Chakra mudras, can create unique energy flows or deliberate blockages in our bodies.
When working with mudras, depending on the circumstances, we may want to let energy flow through the body or stop energy to gather and “work” in one particular area. Literally translating as “seals,” mudras appear as simple hand gestures, but they can actually be very powerful movers and “sealers” of energy.
Incorporating mudras into your everyday meditation or yoga practice can be extremely powerful. These three mudras are very specific to the heart and the Heart Chakra. They are formidable tools of connection to this energy center.
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3 Mudras for the Heart Chakra

The following three mudras work on our heart space. They cultivate energy to open the heart and even tone it as a muscle. Incorporate these mudras into your regular meditation practice to feel more emotionally and physically in touch with one of your strongest muscles – your heart.

1. Hridaya Mudra:

This powerful mudra provides endless benefits for your Fourth Chakra.
Here’s how to practice:

  • Bring your index finger to the root of your thumb
  • Join your thumb to the tips of your middle and ring fingers
  • Maintain your pinky finger pointed straight
  • For use in meditation, bring your hands to your knees with your palms facing up

Benefits of this mudra:

  • Releases built-up emotions and anything weighing on the heart
  • Rejuvenates the heart by releasing stress and emotions and reducing anxiety
  • Helps one to gain the ability to keep the heart open during trying emotional times



2. Padma or Lotus Mudra

Beautiful and sacred, the lotus flower mudra symbolizes purity to open the heart center.
Lotus Mudra
Here’s how to practice:

  • Bring your palms to meet
  • Keep both edges of your hands pressing together – along the pinky side and the thumb side
  • Keep the base of your palms pressing together as well
  • Separate and peel your index fingers, middle fingers, and ring fingers apart from each other like a blooming lotus flower
  • Hold the mudra at heart center or draw your forearms together and lift them above your head to open the back of your heart

Benefits of this mudra:

  • Grounds yet also uplifts
  • Helps to maintain an open heart to all that life brings
  • Keeps an essence of purity while opening the Heart Chakra
  • Helps to combat feelings of inadequacy, isolation, sadness, and loneliness

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3. Kapittha Mudra

This strong mudra of the heart can support and help relationships – both with yourself and with others.
Here’s how to practice:

  • Form a fist
  • Draw your thumb between your index finger and middle finger
  • For use in meditation, sit with both hands in this mudra or bring your left fist to your heart and your right to your pelvis

Benefits of this mudra:

  • Opens the connection between the pelvis and the heart
  • Explores the pulse of blood flow between the heart and pelvis and gains awareness and understanding of its connection
  • Can increase connectivity and understanding between partners


Harness the Power of Heart Chakra Mudras

When we are more in touch with the power of our hearts, we are inevitably better partners, friends, and people – not only to others, but also to ourselves.
Use these mudras to offer this heart connection to the valuable people in your life and begin to see your relationships flourish.
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Photos: Michael Richardson

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Alexis Henslee

Alexis Henslee is an RYT-200 teaching in Nashville, TN. Also working full time in aesthetic medical sales, she always works towards balance. Yoga has been a part of her life for many years and if she’s not on her mat or at work, she’s cuddling her Boston Terrier, Max.

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