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Here Are 6 Effective Ways to Cleanse and Protect Your Energy (Try Them All)

As human beings, we are so attached to our physicality that we fail to acknowledge that who we are is much deeper and greater than these bodies. We are all made up of energy, and everything throughout the entire Universe is made up of energy.

When somebody refers to a person as being vibrant, confident, or bitter, they are referring to their energetic body. Our energetic body picks up any stress or emotions from our environment or situations, and this is reflected in our physical bodies.

An example would be: You’re in traffic, and you’re going to be late for a meeting. The traffic doesn’t move, and you constantly look at your watch. Every minute that goes by your heart rate increases, your stress levels increase, and then some other physical symptoms could arise like a headache or stomach ache.

We are all made up of energy, and everything throughout the entire Universe is made up of energy.

Life is made of everyday decisions: small decisions and big decisions. In this case, there is a small and quick decision to make.

Right in that moment you have two options: one, you continue stressing, getting more anxious, angry, and nervous, honk your horn, and look at your watch. Or two, you take action to cleanse your energy, find calm, and shift your energy.

The reality is that by getting more anxious, you’re not going to move the traffic. There is nothing you can do, and the only thing you can control in that moment is your own energy.

And there are simple ways for how to protect your energy and to cleanse energy, anytime and anywhere.

Why It’s Important to Cleanse and Protect Your Energy

Cleansing our energy is necessary. Just like we take a shower and brush our teeth daily, we should be as intentional with our subtle energy.

Not only to keep it clean and positive, but also to protect it by creating a shield around your aura so that outside negative energies cannot get in your field or affect your energetic vibration.

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As an empath, I’m very sensitive to energy. I can easily sense other people’s vibration, and if I don’t clean and protect my energy, this can affect me immensely. Cleansing my energy makes a huge difference.

For example, if I go to a crowded place (birthday party, mall, etc.) I usually get home feeling “drained” from all the contact with everybody’s energy. Right away, I cleanse my energy and I feel renewed, uplifted, and balanced.

If this also happens to you, now you’ll have the know-how to cleanse and lift your energetic vibration too!

Besides keeping your energy in check, it’s essential to keep your physical space clean and protected as well. An environment can make you feel at peace and happy or stressed and tense.

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Here Are 6 Ways to Cleanse and Protect Your Energy:

There are many ways to cleanse your energy field (aura and chakras) and your physical space (home, office, etc.) but here are six simple and fun tools to cleanse, protect, and maintain your energy and the energy of your space at its best.

1. Palo Santo or Sage

As one of the oldest ways to cleanse energy in spaces and people, smudging removes negativity, cleanses and purifies, improves mood, and reduces stress.

When using palo santo or sage, because of the smoke, it’s best to open your windows and turn on a fan. Set your intention when lighting your stick. Once it is lit up, you can guide the smoke throughout your space, around your aura, etc.

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2. Selenite

Selenite crystal is your perfect ally to assist with cleansing, purifying, and protecting your energy, as well as promoting calm and deep peace.

Working with selenite is like taking a bath in pure white light! To clear your aura, simply guide your selenite around your aura like “combing” the energy from top to bottom (from shoulder to hand, from head to neck, etc.).

You can also keep it in your home or office to keep the energy clean. This is a very powerful cleansing crystal!

Remember that healing crystals can help raise your vibration, but they also absorb energy, so it is essential to cleanse them periodically. Your crystal will work best when it is cleared and cleansed.

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3. Pranayama

Have you ever heard the saying, “Take a deep breath?”

Going back to our example of being stuck in traffic, something very simple but quite effective that you can apply anywhere (your car, your office, at the supermarket, etc.) is breathing.

Our mind is directly correlated with our breath. By taking slow inhalations and exhalations, you can immediately feel your heart rate lowering. Breathing can help you release stress and negative energy.

As soon as you catch yourself feeling out of alignment in a low-vibration state, immediately take a deep breath (or as many breaths as you need).

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4. Visualization

Imagine going to the car wash and looking at the screen with all the different car wash options. This is like the “deep cleaning” (washing, polish, and vacuum) option.

You could opt for a guided meditation to cleanse all of your chakras or your aura, or visualize anything that makes you feel relaxed and grounded.

Either way, by yourself or via guided meditation, you’ll feel refreshed at the end of a visualization!

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5. Black Tourmaline

This is a protective stone that repels negative energies. You can get a tourmaline necklace, or get a stone to place it in you car, home entrance, office, etc. or you can keep it near you in your pocket or your purse.

Some stones amplify and others absorb energy. Tourmaline absorbs, that’s why it protects you from negativity. If your tourmaline breaks, worry not – it means that she was doing her job!


6. Archangel Michael

You can also ask Archangel Michael (the Angel of protection) to help protect your aura.

Archangels are very powerful spiritual messengers sent to help you deal with all of those challenges in your life that you can’t seem to conquer. Simply close your eyes, shift your awareness within and say:

“Archangel Michael, please place an orb of light around my home/aura that serves as a protective shield from outside energies that are not in alignment with the highest and greatest good of all. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And so it is.”

How to Protect Your Energy: The Takeaway

Cleansing your energy and your physical space are key. By clearing your vibration and the energy of your surroundings, you’ll instantly feel mentally clear, calm, positive, and more balanced.

To maintain your energy and the energy of your environment clean, you must create habits. For example, you can set a “cleaning day” on your calendar for your home/office when you actually clean the space first, and then you smudge palo santo or sage.

You can finalize your cleansing ritual with a prayer to Archangel Michael to place a shield around your home/office.

As far as your own energy, you can create a daily habit by placing a selenite near you or using palo santo every morning or every evening when you get home.

Regardless of which methods you use to cleanse energy, the most important thing is for you to feel clear, calm, and uplifted! Use the tools that most resonate with you.

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Carolina Rigoni

Carolina is a certified yoga teacher. She is from Venezuela, an U.S. Air Force wife and a mom of two boys.

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