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How to Read Your Auras and What Their Colors Reveal About Your Life

Given the strong mind-body connection with yoga, it’s normal for longtime practitioners to develop an interest in things that nourish their spirit as well as their body.

So how can we supplement our spiritual growth? One way is working with our auras. Understanding our auras can help us lead a more emotionally satisfying and spiritually rich life.

So what are auras, anyway? A simple way to begin to understand auras is to think back to a popular accessory of the 1960’s – the mood ring. The colors of the ring would reflect the mood of the wearer. Auras also work through color, but unlike a ring, your aura isn’t an accessory – it’s a part of you. And auras show so much more than just your mood.

Understanding our auras can help us lead a more emotionally satisfying and spiritually rich life.

Each color appearing in your aura reflects a different component of who you are as a person: your rational, physical, astral, and divine aspects, as well as your emotional ones. The energy from all these aspects of you encircling your body is your aura.

Your aura has 7 interrelated layers that can be picked up by a special Kirlian photography, or by someone attuned to sensing auric energy.

Auras are multihued, though typically you will have one or more colors that are prevalent.

Here are several main aura colors along with an explanation of what the colors represent:



Someone with a lot of turquoise in their aura tends to be dynamic and frequently has a gift for organizing.



Those with a lot of green may find that they are born healers or have a green thumb.


Purple in your aura can indicate sensitivity and spiritual traits.


A lot of red in your aura can signal passion or a fixation on material objects and enjoyment.


Pink is rarer in auras. It appears only temporarily if ever, and during moments when a person is in perfect balance between the material and the spiritual.


Joy and intellect are reflected by the presence of yellow in your aura. If you are looking for a spiritual teacher or guide, be on the lookout for a good amount of yellow in their aura.

More Insight Into the Color of Auras:

While certain colors can point out your strengths, you should be aware that some colors in the aura signal problems. Muddy toned colors, like brown or gray, can be early signals of depression or other illnesses.

If the aura has become mostly white, that indicates a lack of harmony between your mind and body. You’ll see a lot of white in auras of people who are near death because of the growing separation between the two.

How to recognize your own aura

Before you can start working on your aura, first you need to be able to recognize it. Some people have an innate ability to see and sense them, but many of us need a bit of practice beforehand.

One easy way to learn to see your aura is to look at your reflection in the mirror while standing in front of a white or neutral background.

Pick a time to do this where you’ll have no interruptions or distractions for at least a few minutes. Let your eyes relax. Eventually you’ll see a soft white light surrounding you. Keep your focus up for a little while more and you should start to see the colors.

How to sense your own aura

You can practice sensing your aura as well as seeing it. Again, find a time and place you won’t be disturbed and make sure that you are in a comfortable position. Hold the palms of your hands about 6 inches away from your body.

Keeping that distance, run your hands up and down the length of your body. Go slow, giving yourself time to really feel the impressions you are getting and sense the colors.

Sometimes it can help to vigorously rub your hands together before attempting this exercise to open up the sensitivity in the minor chakras of your hands.

How to resolve issues with your aura

If you find some troublesome spots in your aura, don’t despair! Just like the mood ring, the colors can change under the right conditions.

First, work on the basics of self-care: eat right, get good rest, and make sure to move your body with some healthy exercise (this is where regular yoga practice really can help).

A healthy aura pays dividends in a happier outlook, growing spiritually, and better relationships

Next, work through any lingering negativity. While life isn’t always easy or blissful, over-focusing on negative thoughts is never helpful in the long run.

Make time for things that feed the positive side of your spirit, like music, art, meditation, walks in nature, and friends. A sea salt bath can be especially helpful, as it not only incorporates all the benefits of a regular bath, but also does wonders for draining away unwanted energy, leaving you more centered and stable.

You may want to try smudging as well as a way of clearing your home of negative energy before it has time to affect your aura.

All you need is a small bundle of sweet sage and a match or lighter to utilize this centuries-old method of energy clearing. Light the sage and wave it in a circular motion around your body or the area of your home you are trying to clear. Be sure to open your doors and windows to allow the negative energy disrupted by the sage to leave your home.

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Do your best to find and make time to appreciate the beauty in life around you – fresh flowers in a vase, the smell of a good cup of coffee, the sunset, the smile of a friend or loved one. Also incorporate some beauty into your home surroundings.

Crystals would make a lovely addition, being both aesthetically pleasing and functional in removing and blocking negative energy. Try placing a few around your windowsills or bedroom. Rose quartz is a really good choice for this purpose, but see what calls to you.

The Takeaway On Your Aura

Keeping your aura happy and healthy may take some work, but it is completely worth it. A healthy aura pays dividends in a happier outlook, growing spiritually, and better relationships. If you find you are regularly having issues with your aura, find an expert aura reader to help you go deeper and finally clear the blocks to a happier, better you.

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