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How to Harness Your Feminine Energy and Find Your True Power

While the phrase “feminine energy” seems cliché, harnessing this power is extremely important. Lately, we’ve been hearing about the ‘rise of feminine energy’ – but what does that mean and why as women is it so important to harness our feminine energy?

We all possess both masculine and feminine energy.

First, let’s chat about energy. In popular culture, both masculine and feminine energy are portrayed in so many different ways that it can be a bit confusing. Let’s clarify what these energies mean and how they impact you . . .

How Both Masculine and Feminine Energies Impact Your Inner Goddess

You can describe masculine and feminine energies as yin and yang. They play off each other and you cannot have one without the other. Put another way, we all have both forms of energy.
Feminine energy is typically defined as “goodness,” compassion, and nurture. Feminine energy is associated with valuing all life. Masculine energy is typically defined as “strength,” and associates with the value of our own lives.

Balance your masculine and feminine energies in order to live a full, complete life as the goddess that you are.

Having too much of one or the other is not ideal. If you have too much strength, then you can do harm to others. On the flip side, too much goodness means that you might harm yourself.
You must work to balance your masculine and feminine energies in order to live out a full, complete life as the goddess that you are. It’s up to you to balance the yin and yang of your own life experiences.

How to Harness Your Feminine Power and Unleash the Goddess Within

As a life coach and motivational speaker, I’ve developed a few simple ways you can harness your divine feminine power regardless of your location, time of day, or any other external factors.
With these tips, you will learn how to easily get in touch with your feminine power and tap into that inner goddess:

1. Slow the F*** Down

The mantra of the goddess is, “I amplify in stillness.” When you’re constantly on the go, you don’t have space for your feminine power to thrive. There are many ways you can strengthen your ability to find, accept and appreciate the stillness.

The mantra of the goddess is, “I amplify in stillness.”

Personally, I’m fond of meditation to cultivate inner stillness. Alternatively, you can schedule time to simply relax with a cup of tea or a glass of wine. Allow your quiet time to hone in and to feel your true power.
When you’re able to settle into the stillness, your intuition will guide you to find the answers you seek.
Want to start a meditation of your own to help activate your feminine energy and goddess power? Check out this Meditation Guide for Beginners


2. Live for Experiences

In general, we systematically focus on results. Where do you want to be? How can you get to that point as fast as possible? We assume we know what the end point should be, rather than allowing life to take its course.
Who can even imagine what goodness might be waiting for you on the other side if you tap into your inner goddess and allow her – meaning all parts of you – to enjoy the experience?!
Activate the Law of Attraction by visualizing the qualities you want to embody, rather than the exact results that you want to achieve. This will allow your feminine power to manifest something greater than you could ever imagine.
Everything is energy, including your feminine power! Learn how to manifest the goddess life you seek with these Law of Attraction Life Hacks

3. Tune into Your Moon Cycle

According to astrologists, we each have our own lunar cycle. When you discover where you are in your lunar cycle, you’re able to see exactly what you need in life.
Sometimes this is at odds with how you feel internally, but you have to trust the goddess within! For example, both a full moon and new moon are great times to manifest intentions, while the first quarter moon is a time of external resistance.
When the full moon is coming, the goddess is in a state of union. Pay attention to where you are within your lunar cycle to help prioritize areas of your life.

Remember: Your Inner Goddess Needs Masculine and Feminine Energy

Always remember that you carry both your masculine and feminine energies with you wherever you go. To unleash your inner goddess, you must balance and recognize the strengths of both energies.
We live in a predominantly masculine society. These three tips will help you give your feminine energy the time and space it deserves in your life so you can cultivate and maintain a balance between the two polarities.
Masculine and feminine energy go hand in hand. Just like the inherent Yin/Yang duality in all of nature, one cannot exist without the other. Do not resist either energy – instead, embrace each as a healthy, empowering part of you that when harnessed and balanced, will unleash the ultimate goddess from within.

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Jessica Tepas

Jessica is a confidence coach, freelance writer, and healthy living blogger. Through everything she does, she empowers women to live a life in balance. She believes that we can have it all, but we cannot have it all perfectly. Her guiding principle is the simple quote, "Why settle for a spark, when you can light a fire instead." You can find Jessica on Instagram @SemiSweetTooth or on her blog Semi-SweetTooth.

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