How to Stop Condemning + Start Celebrating All Things FEMALE

Shame is a painful, insidious emotion at the root of all dis-ease. Shame is responsible for the “there’s something wrong with me” story. Women and shame specifically is an issue that’s deeply rooted and engrained.

Shame is caused by resisting a part of ourselves that we’ve deemed flawed. The resulting inner conflict is a huge energy drainer.

Like yin and yang, we all possess masculine and feminine energy. Masculine energy is action-oriented (doing) while feminine energy is passive (being).

Our culture celebrates the linear, action-oriented, “doing” aspects of our being (the masculine energy we all possess) and shames the spirally, passive, “being” ones.

Generally speaking, we as a society dislike emotional displays, we objectify women and place a very high emphasis on the physical body’s appearance, and we fear aging.

Women and shame is a deeply rooted pattern. We need to stop shaming and start embracing our feminine energy.

Women and shame is a deeply rooted pattern. We need to stop shaming and start embracing our feminine energy – this article explains why it’s so important as a society to do so.

Here’s the thing: All of life is in flux and we exist on a dynamic spectrum of doing and being, lunar and solar, spiral and linear.

Feminine shame exists because of the shame we carry around the things within us that are transient and cyclical. Feminine shame affects us all, regardless of anatomy or gender identification – because we’re either victims of shame, perpetrators of shaming, or . . . both.

Why Are Women the Targets of Shame – Of Being and Feeling Shamed In Our Society?

As women, we’re especially shamed for our bodies. “The monthly curse,” constant objectification, society’s impulse to label based on our body type . . . the list continues.

On intangible levels, women are judged for our propensity to feel deeply (which makes us “weaker” and less preferred – even by ourselves).

We try harder and harder to force, prove, and go against our very nature in an attempt to not reveal that which is so inherent and natural to us – the fact that we possess beautifully sacred goddess feminine energy.

We don’t feel safe because it’s shameful to ask for what we need, lest we be labeled weak and commit the social faux pas and stereotype of being a woman.

All of life is in flux and we exist on a dynamic spectrum of doing and being, lunar and solar, spiral and linear.

We’ve been taught to celebrate structure, outward expression, productivity, and action – to view these things as safe. Anything that is transient, passive, and changeable is deemed unsafe and something to be wary of.

When we resist the natural flows of life – of our bodies and our emotions – dis-ease manifests. We normalize our challenges, settle for mediocrity, experience ill-health, and create unsatisfying relationships.

These things that we resist aren’t meant to be fixed. We can’t “outsmart” or “control” nature.

We can, however, relearn how to flow and celebrate our feminine essence by examining the ways in which we have been shamed, the ways in which we have unknowingly participated in shaming, and consciously engaging in practices to celebrate our feminine energy instead of reject it.


In Other Words, We Need to Stop Shaming Feminine Energy – Read On to Learn How

There are so many ways to stop the shame game. By speaking out against the current paradigm that is a feminine shame machine, you’re being a lighthouse!

Avoid succumbing to stereotypes and jokes or clichés that make you uncomfortable and call out those you hear using them. Celebrate your body for the divine gift it is, rather than for what you wished it looked like.

Stop glorifying “doing” at the expense of “being.” Don’t praise “all-nighters” and view exhaustion as a badge of honor. Stop shaming yourself or others for expressing their emotions, needs, and boundaries.

Does that mean we become lazy and don’t do anything? Absolutely not. In fact, quality productivity typically increases once we become aware of the range of abilities we possess! Pedal to the medal or burnout aren’t the only two options.

Sure, it can feel uncomfortable to speak about the elephants in the room. However, for the most part, you’ll find others feel the same way and welcome the inspiration to express.

Stop shaming; start awakening! Use these 10 Yoga Poses to Awaken Your Inner Goddess and Harness Your Feminine Energy

Here Are 3 Ways to Reclaim – And Celebrate – Your Feminine Energy:

It’s easier to remain conscious of these social imprints with practices like these to support you . . .

1. Honor Your Emotions

Have a set time for yourself – daily or weekly – to allow your emotions to flow. Getting into the body through yoga, dance, or other kind of natural, primal movement is a great entry point.

Use breath to track physical sensation and to release habitual holding patterns in your body. These holding patterns are you attempting to literally “hold it together.” Cry, scream into pillows, laugh, smile, whatever arises! The intention is to just allow this energy to move. (Emotion is energy in motion.)


2. Practice Self-Massage

Reclaim your body and celebrate her abilities. Thank her for housing your essence in this life. Nurture her and listen to her needs. Appreciate her fluctuations and the way she waxes and wanes. Seasonally, by the phases of your cycle, through your life – she’s never the same two days in a row.

Pay extra attention to your breasts. Breasts are energetic extensions of our hearts, as are our hands. We store trauma, past lovers, others’ energies, and more in these areas of our body.

Breasts are the subject of a lot of scrutiny and a lot of shame. Massaging them, getting in touch with them, and moving lymph in this area is healing on all levels.

3. Live Seasonally

Earth is the epitome of spirals! To really reconnect to this essence within yourself and heal any shame around it, look to the seasons. Following the moon phases is also helpful.

Notice your natural impulses and tendencies as the seasons flow. Notice your energy and where you desire to place your focus. Rather than shaming yourself for not being the same in winter as you were in summer, lean into the particular invitation of the current times.

Embrace Your Feminine Energy and Let’s Raise the Collective Vibration!

We must stop shaming ourselves and each other.

As women, we must strengthen our resolve from the inside and empower those around us to reclaim their feminine essence, regardless of anatomy or gender identification.

Honor the movement, the pulsations, the flow, and the rhythm of life and endeavor to EMPOWER rather than shame. Together we can raise the vibration, break the pattern of shame, and CELEBRATE the beautiful feminine energy that we all possess.

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Devon Battaglia

Devon Ray Battaglia, MS, NC, RYT is a mentor and catalyst for sensitive, introverted beings desiring to reclaim themselves as the sovereign leaders of their lives through aligning with seasonal and cosmic flow, Earth wisdom, their inner spiral and inner triangle principles, and transmuting shame and trauma into purpose and freedom.

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