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9 Signs Your Root Chakra Energy Is Grounded

Grounding is the practice of harmonizing with the present moment and your own energy field. It’s the process of turning inward and trusting in the unknown in order to feel safe and nourished.

Being grounded is an essential need of the Root Chakra (or Muladhara Chakra).

This chakra is located at the base of the spine and extends to the legs and feet.

Being grounded is a necessary contributing factor to feeling calm, in control, and present.

Prosperity, health, and meaningful relationships manifest from a balanced Root Chakra. When the Muladhara Chakra is vibrant and spinning at a healthy rate, we feel calm, embodied, and supported.

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Being grounded is a necessary contributing factor to feeling calm, in control, and present. Especially in today’s fast-paced, technology-filled society, feeling grounded is more important than ever.

We can understand the importance of being grounded, but how can you tell if your energy is grounded?

Here Are 9 Signs That Your Root Chakra Energy Is Grounded:

These nine signs are key to knowing if your Muladhara Chakra is balanced and grounded.

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1. You’re Present

An indication that we’re grounded is when we can easily give our full attention to one task at a time. Furthermore, we are present with people in conversations without frequently losing our train of thought.

While awareness opens up the Crown Chakra and the Third Eye Chakra, it is also essential to balancing the Root Chakra. When we have a grounded Muladhara Chakra, we’re easily able to release the past and future and rest our focus on the present moment.

We consciously choose to release fear, guilt, and shame in order to experience today’s reality as it is. This also encompasses the release of expectations and daydreaming, which distract us during meditation and everyday life.


2. You’re Rooted in Your Own Energy

When our energy is rooted, we are not easily swayed by others’ thoughts, feelings, words, or actions. We are aware of what is our own energy and what isn’t.

Additionally, we’re not unduly stimulated by people, places, or events. We remain centered and balanced in situations where others might feel anxious and overwhelmed. For people who are grounded, sensitivity and empathy feels like a gift rather than a pain.

3. You Feel Connection

Grounded Root Chakras manifest in healthy relationships and authentic connection.

We know we have the right to be with our family and experience love and support. We know there’s something within us that connects us with all lifeforms and we gather in tribes and communities to nurture each other and feel fulfilled.

Also, we honor our ancestors and seek their wisdom. If you’re grounded, you can easily develop and maintain relationships.

4. You’re In Touch With Your Body

When we can remain grounded, we are aware of the sensations with which our bones, muscles, and organs are speaking to us.

Even though we may be feeling discomfort or pain, we’re able to witness our body. So, we’re not numb or desensitized from reality. If you’re grounded, you have the willingness to listen to your body with curiosity and compassion.

5. You’re In Tune With Nature

We become anchored when we are open to experiencing oneness with Mother Nature. It absorbs our anxiety (or wind energy) and cools our anger (or fire energy).

We become aware of the effect that the elements (fire, air, water, ice, light, darkness, and space) have on our body and mind. We take cues from the seasons and shift our diet, exercise regimen, and lifestyle accordingly. So to be grounded signifies that you allow the energy of the earth to support you.

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6. You Feel Safe on This Plane of Existence

To be grounded means that we feel at home and safe in this reality. We have a sense of belonging and claim our right to be here.

We appreciate the gift of being alive and accept our highest human potential. When we’re grounded, we’re not overly fixated on achieving out-of-body experiences or knowing what’s on the other side.

7. You Trust

When we have strong roots, we consciously choose to have faith in the unknown. With a balanced Root Chakra, we feel more conviction and less fear.

We trust the voice of our intuition, no matter how quietly it may whisper. In challenging times, grounding moves us to deeply surrender to a power greater than us.

8. You Have the Ability to Manifest Stability

When our Muladhara Chakra is settled, we can manifest security and stability. We’re more organized and efficient. We don’t lose things or feel chaotic. In our career and home life, we’re connected with our logic and common sense.

We aren’t overly concerned with paying the bills or losing our job. We trust enough to surrender our worries. It becomes easy for us to take action rather than be caught up in plans and analysis. These qualities are fundamental for our outward growth and accomplishments.


9. You Love Stillness

Stillness doesn’t scare or overwhelm those who are grounded. This quality is essential for us to be able to hear our intuition.

Being grounded makes us more receptive to the flow of energy and information from higher chakras. We become aware of the signals our body sends us and can differentiate between the voice of the ego and the voice of our intuition. We easily decipher between high vibrational and low vibrational energy.

Is Your Muladhara Chakra Grounded?

Next time you practice Tree Pose, take a bath, or walk barefoot on the grass, notice the shifts in your energy field. Perhaps you feel anchored, present, or calm.

Observe if your energy manifests changes in your body, relationships, or career. Vibrant Root Chakras create healthy relationships with our body, community, earth, and money. So, is yours grounded?

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