If Your Child Has Anxiety, Try These 5 Soothing Affirmations for Kids

Positive affirmations aren’t just for adults! Affirmations for kids work wonders for their mindset too! Whether you introduce your child to affirmations for focus, positivity, anxiety, or anything else that serves their specific needs, affirmations are a powerful yet simple tool for every parent.

Some kids are worriers.

They get scared, anxious or afraid and begin repeating negative mantras to themselves: I can’t do this. This is too scary. I’m in trouble. This isn’t safe. The problem with these repetitious mantras is that the more kids repeat them to themselves, the more they believe them. They need affirmations.

No parent wants their children to suffer from anxious thoughts.

Thoughts are such powerful tools that do so much more than float through our minds.

Thoughts are such powerful tools that do so much more than float through our minds. They shape our realities. You can teach your children to use this tool in their favor by showing them how to use positive affirmations instead of negative ones.


The Power of Affirmations for Kids

Affirmations are positive statements that children can repeat to themselves during times of stress or chaos in order to bring more peace and calmness.

The idea behind using positive affirmations is that the more they say them, the more they believe them, and that will help ease their anxious minds.

When Your Child Has Anxiety, Try These 5 Affirmations for Kids:

As a mom and kids yoga instructor, I use affirmations often for kids, and they work! Below are some of my favorite affirmations for kids.

1. I Am Safe

Sometimes children encounter situations that are unfamiliar or scary, and even though they are completely safe, their fear makes it hard for them to feel safe. Repeating this affirmation can help to remind them that although they feel fear, they aren’t in any danger.

This can be paired with statements that fit the specific situation, such as I am safe, my Mom or Dad is here. I am safe, my teacher will protect me. This is new to me, but I am safe.

2. This Is Hard, I Can Handle It

Situations that are new or demanding can be frustrating for an anxious child. If your child tends to get scared or frustrated and easily gives up, this affirmation will be helpful for them.

It helps to remind themselves that even though something is hard, they have what it takes to handle it.

3. I Can Take Deep Breaths In, I Can Take Deep Breaths Out

When a child is feeling a lack of control, it may help to find something they DO have control over. A gentle reminder to keep coming back to the breath gives them a tool they have complete control over and one that will help them to feel calmer.

Repeating this affirmation while taking slow, deliberate breaths in and out can help calm an anxious mind.


4. I Am Amazing

We all have moments where we doubt our awesomeness, kids included. When negative thoughts have your kiddos feeling down about themselves, introduce this powerful affirmation to help them remember what amazing people they really are.

Affirmations are positive statements that children can repeat to themselves during times of stress or chaos in order to bring more peace and calmness.

I am a huge fan of using this one in the morning before school or any other morning activities. It helps to start the day off on the right foot and help raise your kid’s vibrations.

5. I Am An Important Person

Children want to feel like they are important, that they matter. We all want to feel this way so it should come as no surprise that it is helpful to remind yourself just how important you are.

In addition to teaching your kids this affirmation to repeat, you can start demonstrating just how important they are in your life by acknowledging how much they mean to you and pointing out how they contribute around the home.

Anxiety Be Gone With These Affirmations for Kids

Next time you see your child is getting anxious in a new or demanding situation, try incorporating some of these affirmations to help them change those negative thoughts running through their minds into positive statements that will have them feeling more confident and capable.

All included information is not intended to treat or diagnose. The views expressed are those of the author and should be attributed solely to the author. For medical questions, please consult your healthcare provider.

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Pamela Nixon

Pamela Nixon is a mother, writer and yoga teacher living with her crystal loving, essential oil using family in NJ. She loves sharing yoga with people of all ages, especially children, and enjoys running a children’s yoga teacher training through her business, Peace Play.

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