Top 7 Beauty Hacks from Swimsuit Supermodel Christie Brinkley

Christie Brinkley rose to fame as a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model in the late 1970’s, and she’s still got it going on. Thankfully for us, Christie is candid about sharing health and beauty tips, not only through her own skincare line, but also in her book Timeless Beauty and in recent interviews.

Check out Christie Brinkley’s supermodel beauty tips (that don’t require you to have a supermodel lifestyle) to looking and feeling your best:


1. Lemon water to start the day off right

Christie begins her day with fresh lemon juice in warm water. Not only does it boost your hydration right off the bat, the acids in lemon juice also aid in digestion. Plus you’ll get a dose of vitamin C and potassium. The best part? This beauty hack is super cheap!

2. Take care of your skin!

This may be obvious, but always protect your skin from the sun. Christie favors sunscreen, sunless tanning lotion, and bronzer as alternative options to tanning for a safe and healthy glow. You can get vitamin D from a supplement, so do your face a favor and protect your skin from premature aging (your post-20-something self will eventually be grateful!).
Christie’s biggest ‘secret’ weapon against wrinkles? Exfoliation. She gently exfoliates every single day to promote skin turnover. (Yup. E’ry day, boo.) Plus, water. More water. And more water. You can’t go wrong with tons of water. Did we mention water? Christie swears by proper hydration for keeping your skin looking young and radiant.

3. Enjoy the ‘rainbow diet’

The ‘rainbow diet’ is the name Christie coined to stress lots of fruits and veggies in your everyday diet. She became a vegetarian in her teenage years because she wanted to avoid contributing to the slaughterhouse regime and was even vegan for a hot minute. Veggies became high priority from that moment on.
From leafy greens, to purple grapes, to the rainbow array of beta carotene on her plate, she focuses on a colorful diet to get her daily dose of antioxidants and vitamins. Christie swears by eating well as part of looking and feeling amazing, staying healthy, and aging gracefully.


4. But puh-lease, don’t needlessly deprive yourself . . .

“Life is too short to not have oysters and champagne sometimes,” Christie says. Christie drinks goat and sheep’s milk, and has been known to partake in – instead of denying herself of – her favorite indulgences. On the topic of women feeling pressured to look a certain way, Christie says (in an interview with Elle Magazine),

“First of all, I wish that women wouldn’t feel the pressure to look a certain way. I wish that they would place the emphasis on feeling great.”

Focus less on what you look like, and focus more on what you feel like. Everything in moderation of course, but if a mimosa here or an oyster there makes you feel good, then do it!

5. Get out there and get fit

Christie is very active outdoors with water sports like skiing, surfing and paddle boarding and has been known to pop in to SoulCycle, Yoga Shanti (both in NYC) and also uses Total Gym. Change it up, have fun and get that booty in gear! If Christie shows us anything, it’s that diversifying your workout routine is key!

6. Feeling good about yourself is key

Sure, there are cosmetic procedures like Botox and stylish hair extensions, both of which Christie doesn’t hesitate to say that she enjoys, but her message is about what makes you happy from the inside out.
She says that, “When you feel great you emanate a certain energy that translates as beautiful. I don’t care if you have the standard beauty or not, it’s that X-factor that comes through, and the basis of that is good health.” In fact, when asked about what her secret is to a great Instagram selfie, Christie says she waits until she’s laughing in order to catch her own genuine smile!

7. Attitude + gratitude go together like a wink and a smile

“I’m always looking for a way to bloom where I’m planted, and to be grateful for wherever I am at any moment of the day,” says Brinkley. What a powerful message, and we couldn’t have said it better ourselves! An attitude of gratitude heightens your beauty, no matter your age.
Still gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated with her two gorgeous grown daughters at age 63, who wouldn’t enjoy some advice from someone who seems to be doing something right?
Um, yes, please – we’ll have what she’s having!
Photo Credit: The Today Show

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