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10 Daily Reminders to Support Your Mental Health During Challenging Times

There are always going to be challenging times in life. While it’s a simple reality of existence, that thought alone can make us feel anxious and fearful for the future. In times like these, it’s helpful to have a toolkit of mental health reminders to cope.

There are some things that you can control and there are some things that are simply out of your control. What you decide to do right now and how you decide to react to a situation is something that rests in your hands only.

Your actions can make a huge difference, and accepting the fact that challenges are inevitable is something that can make you less fearful in tough situations.

Whether it’s the personal loss of a loved one, a big life change you didn’t anticipate, or bigger societal and global issues, it’s important to take care of yourself in order to move forward with a strong and healthy mindset.

If you’re struggling right now and in need of a hopeful message to keep you going and support your mental health, read on for 10 reminders that you can repeat to yourself daily as an affirmation, mantra, or simple reminder that you are supported and have the ability to move forward.

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Try These 10 Daily Mental Health Reminders During Challenging Times:

If you’re struggling and in need of a hopeful message to keep you going, here are some mental health reminders that you can try repeating to yourself every day.

1. This Is Not the End, It’s the Beginning

It can often feel like there is no end to the fear and suffering but it won’t always be like this. When the worst of this is over, you will feel more joy about the little things in life and appreciate things in ways that you didn’t before. It will be a whole new beginning.


2. I Will Come Out of This Much Stronger

You might not feel like you are at your strongest right now and that’s completely understandable. Just know that you have come this far and you are doing extremely well. You will come out on the other side as a much stronger person.

3. I Am Capable of More Than I Realize

Now is not the time to be too hard on yourself. You are more than capable of getting through this, even if you can’t always see it.

4. There’s Always a Light at the End of the Tunnel

The problem is this: it’s not always possible to see the light at the end of the tunnel during times of uncertainty.

We’re constantly being reminded of the bad that is happening around the world, rather than being reminded of the positives. It’s good to remind yourself every day that there is a light and it will always be there if you look for it. Finding little things to be grateful for is a great place to start.

5. I’ve Been Through Hard Times Before and I Can Get Through This, Too

There will be difficult times and there will be bad days. Perhaps we experience them so that we can appreciate the good days even more. You will get through this difficult time just like all of the other times.

6. I Don’t Need to Always Be Productive

The last thing that you should be doing right now is putting pressure on yourself to do more than you feel capable of. It’s okay to have days when you don’t work or check things off your to-do list.

Try to make more time to relax because that’s more important than ever right now. You can only do as much as you have the energy and motivation to, which requires a healthy dose of self-care, especially during challenging times.

Invest in your self-care! Here are 6 Essential Self-Care Practices That Will Help Reduce Your Anxiety



7. Resting Is Not Laziness

During these times, it’s okay if all you want to do is rest. Don’t expect too much from yourself. This mental health reminder is important: resting should never be viewed as lazy; it’s essential for your wellbeing (just like self-care!).

8. I Deserve to Be Happy

When we struggle with our mental health, we often struggle with our self-esteem as well. We start to think that we aren’t deserving of the things that we have. That’s simply not true. You deserve happiness. We all do.

9. I Have People in My Life Who Care About Me

Our minds can often tell us that we are alone even when we aren’t. You might start to fear that your friends and family don’t care about you as much as they say they do because they haven’t reached out as much as you hoped.

Just know that we are all struggling and some of us don’t always have the energy to speak to friends and family. The people in your life still care about you and that will soon become clear.

10. Better Days Will Soon Come

Although it might not feel like it, better days are not very far away. Don’t let your hope fade. While it’s important to sit with and process your emotions and what you’re going through, it’s also important to keep moving forward and trust that better days are ahead.

Use These 10 Daily Mental Health Reminders to Help You Cope During Challenging Times

While these mental health reminders might help to get you through the worst of this difficult time, it’s important that you seek help if you are really struggling and need someone to talk to.

Your feelings are always valid and you deserve to be heard, so please reach out to loved ones or someone who is able to listen.

Keep your hope alive and most importantly, keep going!

And remember, you are not alone! If you need support, National Alliance on Mental Health is a great resource. Visit or call their helpline: 800-950-NAMI

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