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Here Are 5 Benefits of Yoga For Runners

I started practicing yoga when I wasn’t physically able to run, but once I was able to get back on the pavement, I noticed that yoga had helped keep me in the game. That’s because yoga for runners can seriously help you achieve better results on the mat and on the pavement.

As you incorporate both yoga and running into your daily life, you’ll be rewarded with how the two work together for better results. By combining these two practices you’ll decrease your risk of injury, increase your flexibility, and improve your ability to stay present longer.


5 Benefits of Yoga For Runners

Here are five ways that yoga for runners can improve your run game.

1. Breathing

A huge part of yoga is “pranayama,” or the art of breathing. Whether you practice ujjayi breathing, alternate nostril breathing, or just making sure you breathe with each pose, keeping your breath steady and in sync with your movements makes for an easier, more enjoyable practice.
When you run, your body also needs to sync with your breath as you settle into your pace. I always think the hardest mile is the first one, as you get control of your breathing. Learning how to use your breath to keep you flowing and nail the poses in yoga will help you when you need to focus on getting your breathing in sync with your steps on the pavement.

2. Dedication

Yoga requires dedication. If you only practice yoga once a month, you are not going to get the results you are looking for compared to practicing at least three times a week. With running, you also need to be consistent with your routine and run at least two to three times a week to see and feel a difference.
Being dedicated to your yoga practice and getting yourself on the mat a few times a week will definitely assist in keeping up the routine of getting on the pavement.

3. Strength

Anyone that practices yoga knows what a terrific workout it is. Yoga builds your core, arms, chest, and legs; it pretty much strengthens and tones your entire body. Running requires more than just endurance; you also need strength in your core and your legs.
In yoga for runners, you’ll strengthen your core from yoga poses such as Boat and High Plank, and your leg muscles from poses such as Chair Pose and Warrior II. This will give you the strength to keep you going during those long runs.


4. Posture

Whenever I’m at the gym, or even running outside, I’m amazed at the number of people that aren’t running in proper form. Just like any other form of exercise, you need to make sure you are doing it correctly to minimize the risk of injury and maximize efficiency.
The importance of proper alignment in yoga will transfer to your form on the treadmill, as you’ll be able to keep your core tucked in, back straight, and shoulders relaxed.

5. Wardrobe

One of the easiest ways that yoga helps with running is with your wardrobe, because you really only need one! Both forms of physical activity require cooling, moisture-wicking clothing to keep you feeling comfortable and dry whether you are tracking your miles or powering through a 90-minute Bikram class.
So load up your shopping cart with performance gear sports bras, leggings and tank tops, and you have an interchangeable wardrobe for both practices.

Yoga For Runners: The Takeaway

If you are currently a runner and a yogi, you’ve probably noticed how they assist one another in achieving a greater practice. Or, if you haven’t put on a pair of running shoes in a while, throw them on, hit the pavement, and see how successful your first few miles are!

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Samantha Wilson

Samantha holds a journalism degree and enjoys sharing her love of a healthy and active lifestyle. She found her way into yoga after a devastating foot and knee injury and has never looked back. She is a recent transplant from Chicago to Charlotte and loves exploring her new city and getting involved in its yoga and running scene.

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