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6 Defining Traits of a Hot Yogi

Oh hot yoga, how we love thee! There is something magical about practicing yoga in a 105 degree yoga room with the humidity up to 40% and barely being able to breathe. And I am being serious. Dedicated hot yoga practitioners, whether they practice vinyasa yoga or Bikram Yoga, will easily tell you the many reasons why they love sweating it out during their hot yoga class.
In fact, I am fairly certain the term “yoga stoned” came from a hot yogi during their post-class, hot yoga bliss. The euphoria following a vigorous hot yoga class is highly addictive, and the physical benefits are just as amazing.
Hot yoga will give you an incredible workout for your mind, body and soul in so many ways. Some hot yoga benefits include: enhanced flexibility, breath control, stamina and detoxification.
For more information on the benefits of hot yoga, check out 8 Benefits of Hot Yoga.
However, hot yoga does come with a messy and sometimes smelly side effect that we are willing to forgive for the sake of practicing our beloved hot yoga.

Here are 6 things all hot yogis have in common:


1. Stinky hair

For those of us who practice hot yoga every damn day, stinky hair can be a big problem. Washing, blow drying, and styling our hair can take a long ass time and ain’t no yogi got time for that! Plus, all of the extra washing and styling can damage our hair. But this is no reason to skip class, so maybe it is time to adjust our hair routine.
As your post-yoga bliss occurs more often, you may start to relax with your hair routine as well. Consider packing your yoga bag with dry shampoo, start a cute hat collection or practice trendy updos and call it a great hair day. A few adjustments in your hair routine is a small price to pay for an amazing hot yoga class.

2. Soggy bottoms

You make it to your favorite 6am hot yoga class and during your post Savasana bliss, you rush home to get ready for work. And as you drive home you notice it . . . your car seat is now soggy and sweaty from the morning’s class (ewwww). This is not a fun way to ruin your yoga bliss.
We have all been there, it’s a rookie mistake. We can’t really count on those moisture wicking yoga leggings to save our asana from stinking up our car seat. So save yourself and your car seat the trouble by always packing an extra pair of yoga leggings or towel in your yoga bag. That way your ride home will be filled with yoga bliss, and not soggy bottoms.
Check out Seat Hoody, a car seat cover designed specifically for hot yogis!


3. Slip n’ slide yoga mat

With the heat comes the pouring sweat, and with the sweat comes one of the biggest hot yogi dilemmas: slipping on our yoga mat. Maintaining the grip on your mat is a challenge and the task often leaves us feeling more like an ice skater than a yogi. Luckily, there are options for hot yogis to help us from slipping everywhere.
Hot yoga towels can help keep us from sliding on our mat, but sometimes the towels don’t stay put. One trick is to spray them down with a little water so they grip better to the mat. Ultimately, moving slowly and mindfully are the best tools you have against slipping and sliding on your mat. The added body and mind awareness could be considered another perk of hot yoga.
Also, you can search the yoga mat reviews on YouAligned to find great yoga mats for hot yoga.

4. Wrinkled fingers and toes

With all of that sweat pouring onto your mat, pruned fingers and toes come with the practice. Lucky for us, studies have shown that our fingers and toes wrinkle in prolonged exposure to water (or sweat) to provide a better grip in wet conditions. So maybe our pruned fingertips can actually help us from slipping on our mats! Yes, pruned fingers look a little funny, but there are many benefits of sweating during hot yoga.
Excessive sweating during hot yoga will release toxins through your pores. So to continue to detox your body, be sure to shower immediately after class to avoid absorbing the toxins back into your body. Always rehydrate and nourish your skin after class with options like shea butter or rose oil and enjoy the detox effect from your pruned and sweaty skin.

5. Water bottle connoisseur

Because the average hot yoga practitioner loses 1 – 1.5 liters of water during class, they soon find themselves with an impressive collection of water bottles to help them stay hydrated. Hot yogis know hydration is key, so having a water bottle in hand at all times is essential.
To help you stay hydrated, a good rule of thumb is to drink half your bodyweight in ounces, and get the proper amount of electrolytes before and after class. Adding a pinch of salt and lemon to you water can help boost your electrolyte intake or grab some coconut water for quick hydration. Your body and yoga practice will greatly benefit from proper hydration.
Check out 12 Infused Water Recipes for Delicious + Healthy Hydration for delicious ways to stay hydrated.

6. Total addict

The first few hot yoga classes can be rough, especially as you acclimate to the heat. But for some reason, you will find your way back into that hot room and onto your yoga mat. You may find yourself suddenly up at the crack of dawn, sneaking a longer lunch break and skipping Sunday Funday – all to make it to a hot yoga class.
The cleansing feeling, the strength, and the peace that comes with this powerful and sweaty yoga practice will keep you coming back for more. The good news is that hot yoga is a healthy addiction that gives you the opportunity to explore, connect and love yourself. Just like any yoga practice, always honor your body and where you are in your practice.
Hot yoga is an amazing practice that leaves you feeling energized and rejuvenated. Although hot yoga does have some traits that may not be glamorous, the pros absolutely outweigh the cons. So continue to rock your sweaty yoga session and enjoy the hell out of it. Namaste!

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